Taunsa Sharif bombing

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Taunsa Sharif bombing
Part of War in North-West Pakistan
Punjab in Pakistan (claims hatched).svg
Location of Punjab in Pakistan
LocationTaunsa Sharif, Punjab, Pakistan
Date14 October 2015
Attack type
Suicide attack
PerpetratorsTehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan
  • Jamaat-ul-Ahrar

The Taunsa Sharif bombing occurred on 14 October 2015 [2] when a suicide bomb killed at least 7 people and injures 13 others in Taunsa Sharif a city in Punjab province inside the political office of Pakistan Muslim League MNA Sardar Amjad Farooq Khan Khosa, who was not present. Sardar Khosa, who was attending a meeting in Islamabad, said he did not receive any threat or alert prior to the blast. A Taliban splinter group, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, claimed responsibility for the attack. [1][3][4][5][6]

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