Taunsa Sharif bombing

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Taunsa Sharif bombing
Part of War in North-West Pakistan
Punjab in Pakistan (claims hatched).svg
Location of Punjab in Pakistan
LocationTaunsa Sharif, Punjab, Pakistan
Date14 October 2015
Attack type
Suicide attack
PerpetratorsTehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan
  • Jamaat-ul-Ahrar

On 14 October 2015,[2] a suicide bombing killed at least 7 people and injured thirteen others in Taunsa Sharif, Punjab, Pakistan. The attack took place inside the political office of Pakistan Muslim League (N) MNA Sardar Amjad Farooq Khan Khosa, who was not present. Sardar Khosa, who was attending a meeting in Islamabad, said he did not receive any threat or alert prior to the blast. A Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan splinter group, Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, claimed responsibility for the attack.[1][3][4][5][6]

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