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Template Documentation for Template:MMFF[edit]

This template has been created to allow easy navigation between winners of categories at the Metro Manila Film Festival.

Redlinked years (and other articles) should remain until the empty article is created. Care should be used to bypass disambiguation pages.

Do not simply wikilink the years. There must always be a relevant article to link to and that article must be checked to be the right article prior to saving the template.

Do, please, ensure that this template is present on all relevant MMMF pages, at the foot, and subservient to "more important" navigational templates.

Please consider carefully the addition of other winning categories to this template, and make sure you understand the structure of group and list before adding them and saving. This template affects a reasonably large number of articles, and each "save" takes some time to ripple through to all of them.

This template must not be subst:ed. It is a living template and designed to expand over time.