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Error: you must provide a log date or the discussion's start date.

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 | type            = 
 | name            = 
 | base page       = 
 | log date        = 
 | discussion name = 
 | start date      = 
 | closed date     = 
 | result          = 
Note: All parameters are case-sensitive unless otherwise specified
Parameter name Usage
name The name of the page at XFD, including any namespace (e.g. Category: or Template:). If discussion name is unused, this is used for linking to the discussion.
base page (Optional) The name of the discussion area the deletion discussion is located at (e.g. Votes for deletion, Redirects for discussion, etc.). If omitted, it defaults to "Articles for deletion".
log date (Optional) If log is set to "yes", this is the date of the log. Most of the time, it will be formatted YYYY Month DD, for example 2017 10 17, but this isn't a hard rule; be sure to check the exact structure of the date when using this parameter. If log doesn't equal "yes" or is omitted, this parameter is ignored.
discussion name (Optional) The name of the discussion. If omitted, this defaults to name, and if ns is also used, it defaults to ns:name.
start date (Optional) The date the discussion was started, ISO-formatted. If log is set to "yes", this will probably be the same as log date, but not necessarily (the discussion may have been relisted).
closed date (Optional) If start date is used, the date the discussion was closed, ISO-formatted. If start date is omitted, this parameter is ignored, and if this parameter is omitted, start date displays by itself in parenthesis without an en dash.
result (Optional) The result of the discussion, e.g. "redirect", "keep", "delete", "no consensus", etc.

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