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Thatha Shamsa Chatha
ٹھٹھہ شمسہ چٹھہ
Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab
 • Total 20 km2 (8 sq mi)
Elevation 700 m (2,300 ft)
 • Estimate (2008) 2,500
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Calling code 0547
Number of Union Councils 1

Thatha Shamsa Chattha (Urdu (ٹھٹھہ شمسہ چٹھہ) is a small village in the Hafizabad District of Punjab, Pakistan. It is located at 32° 15' 50N,73° 41' 40E with an altitude of 206 meters (679 feet). It is the oldest village which is believed to pre-date to Mughal era.

The village consists of approximately 200 homes, and total population of approximately 1500 as of 2008. It is situated on the bank of a canal that originates from the Barrage Qadirabad Colony. Most of the land suffers from seepage which make it unsuitable for cultivation. This is the reason many residents have been driven the away from village to either big city for work or converted their lands into fish farms. Presently the village is surrounded on all sides with fish farms. The village forms an artificial peninsula.

Thatha Shamsa is bounded by rivers and canals. The major canal that originates from Chenab River at Qadirabad barragein the west of the village. The River Chenab is a few miles away from village, and during monsoon weather the village faces a threat of flooding. The weather is usually intemperate in summer and winter but autumn and spring are mild. The weather is usually dry and humid but few rains due to monsoons in summer season. There are few rains in winter season due to Western depression.

Geography and climate[edit]

Thatha Shamsa (Chattha) is bounded by the river and a canal. The canal, which runs parallel to Thatha Shamasa comes from the Qadirabad barrage and is in west of Thatha Shamsa. The climate is mainly dry with rains in the summer due to the monsoons and there are also a few rains in the winter due to the western depression. The land is plain and good for agriculture and Fish Farming with plenty of water supply. Farmers have also dug many tube wells due to the undependable climate.

This village is gifted by nature with all the seasons, summer, winter, spring and very specifically monsoon rains. In olden times there used to be mangwi (mean all the farmers get together to cultivate land belonging to one) this tradition is still kept intact by villagers despite there is mechanized farming in the village and life style has been transformed remarkably.


There are no scheduled modes of transport in this village. Most of the time, the people have to travel towards Sooianwala or Hara Kote or Qadir Abad Colony to get the access to transport that travel to bigger cities of the Pakistan, like Lahore, Islamabad, Gujranwala, Hafizabad, Ali Pure Chattha etc. Recently the transport system has been improved by the provision of some special routes towards big cities of Punjab. For casual works, the villagers use motorcycle and bicycle as the most convenient and fast transport system.

Recreational Activities[edit]

People of village have a limited choice for their recreational activities. Most of the time, the people go to Qadirabad Colony and Hari Kote to enjoy the restaurants foods and for other miscellaneous activities. The villagers usually play football, crickets and Kabadi. In this regards Thatha Shamsa team has won many cricket tournaments which held in that region. But the lack of good playing grounds drive them to travel sometime 2 km to have their games.

Educational Institutes[edit]

There are two primary schools which are funded and governed by Government of Punjab. Government Primary School for Boys (Headmaster Sh.Qamar-o-Zaman)and Government Primary School for Girls which is under consideration to be upgraded to Middle school in near future. As most the villagers are poor, so they send their children into these public schools. A few families in this village are richer, and they send their children to Private English medium School. Most children, after completing their primary education, move to Sooianwal town to get higher education.

Predominant Personalities[edit]

  • Muhammad Bibi Chattha (Known as Bay je)
  • Dr./Engr. M Iqbal Chattha
  • Physician Muhammad Usman Chattha (doctor)
  • Physician Muhammad Salman Chattha (doctor)

Statistics Location[edit]

  • 32.25°N, 73.70°E
  • Calling Code: 0547
  • Union Council: Vanike Tarrar
  • Major Crops: Rice, Wheat, Sugarcane
  • Major Industries: Farming, Fish farming, Animal breeding, Milk Processing
  • Banks: No Bank
  • Mosques: 1 Mosque

Telephone Networks[edit]

  • Pakistan Telecommunication Company (PTCL)
  • Pakistan Telenor GSM
  • Paktel GSM
  • Pakistan Mobilink GSM Pakistan
  • Pakistan Warid GSM Company


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