The Actor (The Moody Blues song)

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"The Actor"
Song by The Moody Blues
from the album In Search of the Lost Chord
Released July 1968
Recorded 25 May 1968
Genre Progressive rock
Length 4:39
Label Deram Records
Songwriter(s) Justin Hayward
Producer(s) Tony Clarke
In Search of the Lost Chord track listing
Side one
  1. "Departure"
  2. "Ride My See-Saw"
  3. "Dr. Livingstone, I Presume"
  4. "House of Four Doors"
  5. "Legend of a Mind"
  6. "House of Four Doors (Part 2)"
Side two
  1. "Voices in the Sky"
  2. "The Best Way to Travel"
  3. "Visions of Paradise"
  4. "The Actor"
  5. "The Word"
  6. "Om"

"The Actor" is a 1968 song by the progressive rock band, The Moody Blues. Written by band member Justin Hayward, it was first released on their 1968 album In Search of the Lost Chord. "The Actor" is one of Justin Hayward's signature love ballads. The song's lyrics tell the story of a young woman who falls in love with an actor. However, this love is unrequited, since she only sees the actor once when "The Curtain rises." The song prominently features Justin Hayward singing along with an acoustic guitar. Ray Thomas is also prominently featured playing the flute behind Hayward's voice.


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