The Black Wall Street Records

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Parent companyUniversal Music Group[citation needed]
FounderJayceon Terrell Taylor
George Taylor III
GenreHip hop
Country of originUnited States
LocationCompton, California

The Black Wall Street Records was a record label founded by Jayceon "Game" Taylor and George "Big Fase 100" Taylor III.


The name "The Black Wall Street" is adopted from what was the racially segregated Greenwood neighborhood of Tulsa, Oklahoma. During the oil boom of 1920's, Greenwood was home to several successful and prominent African-American entrepreneurs.

Before The Documentary, Game dropped a series of mixtapes on his own label, The Black Wall Street. After leaving G-Unit Records, Game hoped to push The Black Wall Street to the mainstream to compete with his former label and labelmates. Big Fase 100 eventually left the label officially after internal problems with Game. Though the company hasn't released an official retail album, it has released several mixtapes including the "Black Wall Street Journal" and "BWS Radio" series. Former artists who have been on the label include: Eastwood, Techniec, Cyssero, Vita, Ya Boy, and Charli Baltimore.


As confirmed by[1]

Act Year signed #Albums Released Description
Game 2002 5 A rapper from Compton, California, and the founder of The Black Wall Street.[citation needed]
Tre Beatz 2008 - A Producer from Compton, California, who signed to the label in 2008. He has produced records for The Game and Black Wall Streets' artist.[2][3]
Nu Jerzey Devil 2004 - A rapper from the South Bronx, New York but raised in Atlantic City, New Jersey who signed to The Black Wall Street label in 2004. Nu Jerzey Devil has produced on Fat Joe's "Me, Myself And I" on a track titled "Breathe & Stop" featuring Game. Alongside X.O. Nu Jerzey Devil released his debut mixtape Art of the Devil and released his mixtape "Slow Feet Don't Eat" in 2013 after touring Australia with The Game.[4]
Juice McCain 2006 Rapper from Phoenix, Arizona. Signed to Black Wall Street after Game was touring Arizona, and received Juice's demo. Juice has released a mixtape, Death Certificate, hosted by DJ Skee,[5] The mixtape was nominated for four Mixtape Justo Awards.[6] Juice recently released his second mixtape, Position of Power. Juice just released his third mixtape "American Me", and is working on his debut studio album 'The Anticipated'.[6]
Compton Menace 2004 - A Rapper from Compton, California and Game's cousin, who signed to the label in 2008. He is a member of the once signed group, "Goon Squad."[7][8]
Kanary Diamonds 2010 A female rapper born and raised in Watts, Los Angeles, California.[9]
Mysonne 2010 A former Def Jam Recordings and Ruff Ryders artist from The Bronx, New York who signed with Black Wall Street in 2010.[10]
Willary Klintonne 2011 A male rapper born and raised in Altadena, California.[11]
A.R. 2004 A Compton based rapper who has been with the label since its incarnation.[12][13] He appears as a guest feature on the track "Cherry Koolaid" on Game's mixtape, "Brake Lights."[14]

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