Travelers Curling Club Championship

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Travelers Curling Club Championships
Established 2009
2016 host city Kelowna, British Columbia
2016 arena Kelowna Curling Club
2016 men's champion Ontario Cataraqui G&CC
2016 women's champion Manitoba Fort Rouge CC
Current edition
2016 Travelers Curling Club Championship

The Travelers Curling Club Championship (formerly known as The Dominion Curling Club Championship) is an annual curling tournament held in Canada. The tournament features the top "club level" curlers from every province and territory in Canada, plus Northern Ontario.

The first event was held in 2009. Each province and territory holds a series of playdowns where only one team per curling club is allowed an entry. Each curling club selects their teams independently with many choosing their respective club champions.

The event features only "club level" curlers. This means that top curling teams are barred from entry. Teams can only have one player who has played in a provincial men's, women's or seniors event that season or the previous season or in a Capital One Grand Slam of Curling event that year or in the previous year.


Year Location Men's winning club Women's winning club
2009 Toronto, Ontario Ontario Chatham Granite (Chatham, Ontario) Ontario High Park (Toronto, Ontario)
2010 Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island Saskatchewan Sutherland CC (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) Alberta Lethbridge CC (Lethbridge, Alberta)
2011 Richmond, British Columbia Alberta Red Deer CC (Red Deer, Alberta) Manitoba Granite CC (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
2012 Toronto, Ontario Alberta Crestwood CC (Edmonton, Alberta) Ontario Quinte CC (Belleville, Ontario)
2013 Thunder Bay, Ontario Alberta Crestwood CC (Edmonton, Alberta) Manitoba Brandon CC (Brandon, Manitoba)
2014 Halifax, Nova Scotia Saskatchewan Nutana CC (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) Ontario Westmount G&CC (Kitchener, Ontario)
2015 Ottawa, Ontario Newfoundland and Labrador St. John's CC (St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador) Prince Edward Island Cornwall CC (Cornwall, Prince Edward Island)
2016 Kelowna, British Columbia Ontario Cataraqui G&CC (Kingston, Ontario) Manitoba Fort Rouge CC (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

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