The Greatest Bits: B-Sides & Rarities

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The Greatest Bits; B-Sides & Rarities
Greatest Bits.jpg
Compilation album by McFly
Released 3 December 2007
Genre Pop rock, pop punk
Length 37:54
Label Island
Producer Julian Emery, Hugh Padgham, Jason Perry, Steve Power
McFly chronology
All The Greatest Hits
(2007)All The Greatest Hits2007
The Greatest Bits: B-Sides & Rarities'

The Greatest Bits: B-Sides & Rarities is the second compilation album released by British pop rock band McFly. The album was released on 3 December 2007, and was only available at Woolworths stores across the UK. The album features a range of B-Sides and covers from the group's singles, as well as a new recording of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town". The record has become quite sought after since the collapse of Woolworths in 2008. Also, their cover of "Pinball Wizard" is a new live version (previously released only as a studio version and a music video).

Song information[edit]

  • Mr Brightside is a song covered from "The Killers", originally taken from the band's performance in the Radio 1 Live Lounge studio. Dougie Poynter also takes lead vocals. This originally was on the "I Wanna Hold You" single.
  • Lola was a track which was a B-side on the "5 Colours in Her Hair" single, written by Ray Davies and it features Busted.
  • She Loves You is a cover of a hit single by The Beatles and it features on the "That Girl" single.
  • No Worries is a track dropped from Wonderland, but featured rather on the "I'll Be OK" single.
  • Help! is another Beatles cover which was a B-side to the "Obviously" single which went to No. 1 in the UK singles chart.
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love is a cover of a Queen song, taken from the "Room on the 3rd Floor" single.
  • Santa Claus Is Coming to Town was recorded after the band performed it on The Paul O'Grady Show in 2007. Dougie Poynter features with vocals.
  • The Guy Who Turned Her Down was a B-Side on the enhanced CD2 single of "5 Colours in Her Hair".
  • Umbrella is a Rihanna cover which McFly first performed on their Greatest Hits Tour and then a recorded version was placed on "The Heart Never Lies" single, produced by Danny Jones.
  • Pinball Wizard is a cover of a song by The Who, who McFly collaborated with in 2005 on "My Generation" (the charity single). A studio version featured on "I'll Be OK" single, but here the song is performed live.
  • "Deck the Halls" was a B-side for "Room on the 3rd Floor" single, with Dougie Poynter on lead vocals.
  • Fight For Your Right is a Beastie Boys song covered, which McFly performed first on the Motion in the Ocean Tour, and then the live recording of "Fight For Your Right" was a "Transylvania" B-side. This version features here.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Mr. Brightside" (Brandon Flowers & Dave Keuning)
  2. "Lola" (feat. Busted) (Ray Davies)
  3. "She Loves You" (John Lennon & Paul McCartney)
  4. "No Worries" (Fletcher, James Bourne & Charlie Simpson)
  5. "Help!" (Lennon, McCartney)
  6. "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" (Freddie Mercury)
  7. "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" (J. Fred Coots & Haven Gillespie)
  8. "The Guy Who Turned Her Down" (McFly)
  9. "Umbrella" (Terius Nash, Christopher Stewart & Kuk Harrell)
  10. "Pinball Wizard (Live in Manchester)" (Pete Townsend)
  11. "Deck the Halls" (John Parry Ddall)
  12. "Fight for Your Right (Live from the Motion in the Ocean Tour)" (Beastie Boys & Rick Rubin)