The Holdfast Chronicles

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The Holdfast Chronicles is a series of books by American feminist science fiction author Suzy McKee Charnas.

The series consists of four books:

  • Walk to the End of the World (1974)
  • Motherlines (1978)
  • The Furies (1994)
  • The Conqueror's Child (1999).

Reception[edit] reviewer Polly Shulman declared that "the Holdfast tetralogy offers a fascinating look back at the permutations of the feminist imagination in recent years, and it underlines the ideals and challenges faced by feminists ..."[1]


The entire series was inducted into the Gaylactic Spectrum Hall of Fame in 2003. Motherlines and Walk to the End of the World won a retrospective James Tiptree, Jr. Award, and The Conqueror's Child won the award in 1999.[2]

The Furies was nominated for the 1994 Lambda Literary Award for science fiction and fantasy.[3]


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