The Hunting Party (Judge Dredd story)

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For other uses, see Hunting party.
"The Hunting Party"
Publisher Fleetway Publications
Publication date 11 March – 1 July 1997
Title(s) 2000 AD progs 1033–1049
Main character(s) Judge Dredd; Judge DeMarco
Creative team
Writer(s) John Wagner
Artist(s) Sean Phillips; Trevor Hairsine; Calum Alexander Watt; Henry Flint; Jason Brashill; David Bircham
Editor(s) Tharg (David Bishop)
The Hunting Party ISBN 1-904265-91-X
The Complete Case Files Volume 26 ISBN 978-1-78108-431-1

"The Hunting Party" is a Judge Dredd story which appeared in British comic 2000 AD in 1997. It consisted of 18 episodes published over 17 issues (issues 1033–1049, with a double episode in issue 1048). The first episode introduced the supporting characters Renga and Stark, as cadet judges.


In a prequel, The Pack, Mega-City One is attacked from the Cursed Earth desert by Dune Sharks, alien predators which can fly in the air or burrow under the sand. In The Hunting Party, Judges Dredd and DeMarco are sent into the hazardous Cursed Earth to investigate who brought the Dune Sharks to Earth. They are accompanied by a group of teenage cadets from the Academy of Law, who are to be assessed during a training exercise known as a Hotdog Run.

Publication history[edit]

All episodes written by John Wagner.

  • The Pack, art by Henry Flint, in 2000 AD #1014–1016 (1996).
  • The Hunting Party, in 2000 AD #1033–1049 (1997):
    • "The Hunting Party," art by Sean Phillips, #1033
    • "Lost in Americana," art by Trevor Hairsine, #1034–1036
    • "Fog on the Eerie," art by Calum Alexander Watt, #1037–1040
    • "Dance of the Spider Queen," art by Henry Flint, #1041–1044
    • "Camp Demento," art by Jason Brashill, #1045–1046
    • "Shark Country," art by David Bircham, #1047–1048
    • "Trail of the Man-Eaters," art by Henry Flint, #1048–1049

Collected editions[edit]

The above stories were collected as a trade paperback in 2006. The Pack was also collected in volume 25 of the series Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files in 2015, and The Hunting Party was in volume 26 in 2016.

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