The Industrialist

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The Industrialist
Fear Factory - "The Industrialist" album cover.jpg
Studio album by Fear Factory
Released June 5, 2012
Length 48:45
Label Candlelight, AFM, Bodog
Producer Rhys Fulber, Fear Factory
Fear Factory chronology
The Industrialist
Singles from The Industrialist
  1. "Recharger"
    Released: April 24, 2012
  2. "New Messiah"
    Released: May 30, 2012
  3. "The Industrialist"
    Released: August 28, 2012

The Industrialist is the eighth studio album by American heavy metal band Fear Factory, released on June 5, 2012.[1][2][3][4]


The Industrialist marks the band's return to the concept album.[4] Burton C. Bell said about the album, "the protagonist (The Industrialist) is the incarnation of all industries in the form of an automaton. The mechanical, technological, and scientific advances through the industrial age led to the creation of The Industrialist. In the story, the automaton becomes sentient as it collects memories with each passing day. Through observation and learning, it gains the will to exist. What was meant to help man, will eventually be man's demise."[5] According to Cazares, the title was taken from a documentary the band saw about the people who developed "the engines for war machines", and God Eater was a name Bell saw on a toybox while traveling.[6]

The album was recorded with Bell and Cazares as the only two credited members of the band, while Rhys Fulber once again produced and received additional writing credits. No live drummer was used on the album, with the band instead opting for programmed drums with help from John Sankey of Devolved, who was also credited.


There are four different editions available: a regular jewel case with 10 tracks, a digi-book available in North America containing two bonus tracks and the album's concept as written by Burton C. Bell included in the booklet. There are two editions exclusive in Europe; the first being a regular digipak with two bonus tracks, and the second being a limited fan box containing a stand-alone mask containing the digipak and a certificate, limited to 1,000 copies worldwide. The story is omitted from the European releases. However, once all 'special editions' are out of print, the band intends to make the conceptual story book on the North American 'special edition' release available in PDF format on the band's website. The Japanese edition comes with an acoustic version of "Timelessness" from Obsolete, dubbed "Timelessness II".


Professional ratings
Aggregate scores
Review scores
AllMusic3/5 stars[8]
ThisIsNotAScene6/10 stars[9]
Sputnikmusic3.5/5 stars[10]
Metal Archives70%[11]
Angry Metal Guy2.5/5 stars[12]
Truemetal (IT)92%[13]
Rock and Metal in My Blood7.5/10 stars[14]
Metal Underground4/5 stars[15]
Brutal Resonance8/10 stars[16]
Lamb Goat5/10 stars[17]
Ultimate Guitar8.3/10 stars[18]
Metalitalia (IT)6/10 stars[19]
Metal Fan (NL)80%[20]
Reflections of Darkness7/10 stars[21]
Team Rock3.5/5 stars[22]

The album has received mixed to positive reviews from music critics and band fans. Gregory Heaney of AllMusic gave the album a mixed response with a rating of 3 out of 5. Heaney felt that The Industrialist brought absolutely nothing new, stating "anyone hoping for more of the same old Fear Factory will find a lot to love about The Industrialist, those who have been hoping for something different might find that the album isn't quite what they were looking for."

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Burton C. Bell; all music composed by Cazares/Fulber.

1."The Industrialist"Dino Cazares, Burton C. Bell6:07
2."Recharger"Cazares, Bell, Rhys Fulber4:09
3."New Messiah"Cazares, Bell, Fulber4:30
4."God Eater"Cazares, Bell, Fulber5:57
5."Depraved Mind Murder"Cazares, Bell, Fulber4:43
6."Virus of Faith"Cazares, Bell, Fulber4:34
7."Difference Engine"Cazares, Bell, Fulber3:37
8."Disassemble"Cazares, Bell4:12
9."Religion Is Flawed Because Man Is Flawed"Cazares, Bell1:52
10."Human Augmentation"Cazares, Bell, Fulber9:04
Total length:48:45


Fear Factory

  • Burton C. Bellvocals, co-production, composing, lyric writing, vocal arrangement, arrangement
  • Dino Cazaresguitars, bass, drum programming, drum writing, drum arrangement, co-production, composing, arrangement, additional vocal arrangement, vocal editing

Additional personnel

  • Rhys Fulber - production, enhanced soundscape programming, keyboard arrangement, additional vocal arrangement, vocal editing, arrangement (2-7 & 10)
  • Logan Mader – additional tracking, digital editing, additional vocal arrangement, vocal editing, guitar recording, bass recording, additional vocal recording
  • Greg Reely - mixing, mastering
  • Joey Blush - additional keyboard programming, production on "Blush Response (Difference Engine remix)"
  • Damian "The Frog" Rainaud – additional keyboard programming, assistant engineering, drum editing
  • Alan "Ace" Bergman – guitar tech
  • Brian Harrah – additional guitars
  • John Sankey - drum programming, drum writing, drum arrangement
  • Anthony Clarkson - artwork


Chart (2012) Peak
Canadian Albums Chart[23] 43
Finnish Albums Chart[24] 23
Hungarian Albums Chart[25] 20


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