The Kingdom of Shadow

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The Kingdom of Shadow
The Kingdom of Shadow book cover art.jpg
Author Richard A. Knaak
Language English
Genre Fantasy novel
Publisher Pocket Books
Publication date
July 30, 2002
Media type Paperback
Pages 339 pp
ISBN 978-0743426923
OCLC 50225021
LC Class CPB Box no. 2274 vol. 2

The Kingdom of Shadow is the third novel based in the Diablo franchise by Blizzard Entertainment. This is the second book written by New York Times bestselling author Richard A. Knaak for the Diablo series.[1] The Kingdom of Shadow was re-published with three other novels in the Diablo Archive on July 8, 2008 by Pocket Books.[2] The Kingdom of Shadow is intended for mature readers.


After three years, Quov Tsin has calculated and collected the research left behind by Gregus Mazi to open the pathway to the lost city of Ureh. Tsin hires Kentril Dumon and his group of mercenaries to protect him on his journey in exchange for the lost riches left behind. Zayl attempts to scare away the mercenaries, but fails and becomes a captive to Kentril’s group as Ureh is reborn. While looking for treasure, the group is attacked by the ghosts of Ureh and led to the palace of Juris Khan. The mercenaries learn from Ureh’s leader of the city’s trapped existence and the betrayal of Gregus Mazi. Juris Khan requests the aid of Kentril and his group to help restore the city and complete their original goal. After the first task of Ureh’s restoration is accomplished, the nightmare of Ureh begins as one by one the mercenaries learn of Ureh’s dark secrets.


  • Kentril Dumon is the main character and captain of the mercenaries hired by Quov Tsin. He agrees to protect Quov Tsin in exchange for the treasures promised by Tsin after the rebirth of Ureh.
  • Zayl is a Necromancer who seeks the lost city to commune with the angels of Heaven and learn of their powers. He travels to Ureh with his animated companion Humbart. The Necromancer is distrusted initially by the mercenaries due to his attempt to scare them away but later becomes an asset to the group. Zayl is a reoccurring character in the fourth novel of the series, Moon of the Spider by Richard A. Knaak.
  • Quov Tsin a Vizjerei sorcerer who seeks to follow the path of Gregus Mazi and ascend to the plane of Heaven.
  • Juris Khan is the leader of Ureh and was granted visions of the archangel Mirakodus promising the safety of Heaven to his people. He is described as a powerful mage, who along with others, performed the spell enabling Ureh's passage to Heaven.
  • Gregus Mazi, mage of Ureh and trusted adviser to Juris Khan, translated the visions granted to Juris Khan and aided in Ureh's passage. It is told he failed to go the way of his colleagues and therefore sought a method to rejoin the people of Ureh. Twelve years after the event, he accomplishes his goal with the help and protection of Humbart Wessel and his mercenaries.
  • Humbart Wessel is the mercenary captain who journeyed with Gregus Mazi to the site of Ureh. Centuries after his death, his skull is re-animated with life by Zayl. The skull is carried by Zayl due to Humbarts' knowledge of Mazi and ability to read the workings of magic after his re-animation.



The lost city of Ureh shown during the first cinematic of Diablo 3

Located west of the Swamplands region[3], Ureh was built upon the slopes of the mountain Nymyr. The city, known by many as the 'Light among Lights', was a beacon of hope during the Sin War. The region drew the attention of the angels and demons during their conflict. The city of Ureh became a battlefield after the demons learn of its presence. The surrounding passages and inhabitants of Ureh were assaulted by the creations of Diablo, Lord of Terror. After a period of time, Juris Khan was granted visions by an archangel promising the safety of Heaven for all of Ureh's inhabitants. After Juris Khan and the mages of Ureh completed their spellwork, the denizens of Ureh left the mortal realm and left behind a crumbling city devoid of any signs of life.

Diablo 3[edit]

Ureh was depicted during the first cinematic trailer released for the game on June 28, 2008. During an interview with, Jay Wilson, game director of Diablo 3, informed the community that Ureh has been removed as a location in the game in an effort to release the game sooner.[4]


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