The Kings of Clonmel

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The Kings of Clonmel
The Kings of Clonmel.jpg
Second Australian edition cover of
The Kings of Clonmel
Author John Flanagan
Country Australia
Language English
Series Ranger's Apprentice
(Book no. 8)
Genre Fantasy, Adventure
Publisher Random House (Aus)
Publication date
4 November 2008 (Aus)
18 May 2010 (US)
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 403
ISBN 978-1-86471-911-6
OCLC 260231394
Preceded by Erak's Ransom
Followed by Halt's Peril

The Kings of Clonmel is the eighth novel in the Ranger's Apprentice series by Australian author John Flanagan. It was released in Australia on 4 November 2008.

Plot summary[edit]

While at the annual Rangers' Gathering, Will is informed by Crowley that Halt will not be able to attend as he is investigating things in the west of the country. A mysterious group of people are going around, recruiting people and stealing gold in an unlikely fashion. Meanwhile, Halt is watching the group, who are acting in a small village called Selsey, in Araluen, although not governed by any fief. He manages to stop them burning the boats, which they put as an "omen" to their god of gold, Alseiass. He finds that the plot to build a golden altar that is fake, they are stealing the gold, and making the altar out of wood, coated in thin layer of gold. He manages to capture their leader, and expel the group from the village. Halt is puzzled, as when the leader sees him, he says, "What are you doing here?". Halt is sure he and the man never met before. Back at the rangers Annual Gathering, two Ranger apprentices graduate at a ceremony, where Crowley asks Will to take care of three more apprentices for a while. He does this, and Crowley tells him that he has been moved to Redmont fief to share half of it with Halt. It is where he grew up, and where Alyss, (his girlfriend) lives. Halt's wife, Pauline also lives there. Will rides to the fief, where he is greeted by a feast made by his childhood friend, Jenny. He greets Pauline, and Crowley, then Halt arrives. Crowley assigns Will, Halt, and Horace (Will's current best friend, and a knight) to investigate Clonmel. Halt tells them he knows the king, and when they ask how, he tells them he is the King's brother. They go around, investigating the Outsiders (the group who are stealing gold). When Halt's brother tells them he made a deal with the Outsiders, he is knocked out by Horace, and Halt takes the king's place (they are twins). The Outsiders' leader, Tennyson, is angry, and challenges Horace to duel his two giant bodyguards. Horace accepts. Will meanwhile, is investigating a camp, and he sees that Tennyson has recruited three Genovesans (foreigners; assassins). He tells Horace and Halt this, and Halt is expecting treachery from Tennyson. The duel proceeds, with Horace barely winning against the chain and mace used by the first giant. Horace is then drugged by the assassins, causing his eyes to waver a lot, and he is unable to see clearly. Will shoots the second giant in the arm, after which he manages to accuse Tennyson. Tennyson escapes, though not before killing Halt's brother. Halt abdicates the throne to his nephew, Sean, a warrior and worthy king. They begin to follow Tennyson's trail to Picta, thus ending the book.

Recurring characters[edit]

Will – the protagonist of the series. He is a young man who had been studying with Halt, a legendary ranger. He had learned much over the years and is now very accomplished in all facets of the ranger skills. He has been part of numerous conflicts. He recently managed to successfully overcome a warmweed addiction and made friends with Erak, the new Oberjarl of Skandia. He was originally conscious of his small height and thin, wiry frame (because he wanted to be a knight before becoming Halt's apprentice) but has come to be proud of them as they suit his Ranger profession.

Halt – Will's teacher and mentor. He has done many things for the Kingdom over his years of service and is regarded as one of the best Rangers of the time. He appears grim and silent, embodying the Ranger stereotype that appears throughout the book, but he does have a caring side. When Will was younger, he acted as his father figure.

Horace – Horace was once an arch enemy of Will's; every moment he had been picking on Will for his dream of being a Knight. Since he went to battle school he has learned many things and has become a close friend of Will's, accompanying him on some missions and attempting to save him when he and the King's Daughter, Cassandra (Evanlyn), were taken captive by the Skandians. Horace also gains the honour and valour of a knight, and is appalled to see anyone's disrespect or lack of chivalry.

Alyss- Will and her used to be great friends, and now they're even better friends. She and Will are soon to be married are particularly fond of each other.


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