The Meanest Girl in Town

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"The Meanest Girl in Town"
Song by Elvis Presley
Songwriter(s)J. Byers

" The Meanest Girl in Town", also known as "Yeah, She's Evil!" is a rock and roll song written by J. Byers, which was recorded in June 1964 by both Elvis Presley, as "The Meanest Girl in Town" for the soundtrack to the 1965 film release Girl Happy, and by Bill Haley & His Comets as "Yeah, She's Evil!" for a Decca Records single release.

Haley's recording was released during the summer of 1964, predating Presley's release (on the soundtrack to Girl Happy), although Presley actually recorded his version several days before Haley: on June 10, 1964 for Presley,[1] versus June 16, 1964 for Bill Haley & His Comets.[2]


As The Meanest Girl in Town

As Yeah, She's Evil!


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