The Novocaines

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The Novocaines
The Novocaines @ Sir Stewart Bovell Park (1 1 2011) (5356055167).jpg
Background information
Origin Northam, Western Australia,
Genres Rock
Years active 2006 - 2015
Labels Unsigned / MGM Distribution
Members Corey Marriott
Jay Marriott
Steve Turncock
Liam Young
Jim Power
Past members Jay Watson
Karlin Courtney
Andrew Campbell
Mitch McDonald

The Novocaines were a rock band based in Perth, Western Australia. Briefly named The Howlin' Novocaines in 2007, they were known for their energetic live shows.[1][2] After gaining a local following in 2006,[3] they released their first two studio EPs, Ragdoll (2009)[4] and Courtesy Eventually (2010), which were discovered by Australian radio station Triple J.[1] They released their debut LP, Idle Time, in 2011.[5]

The Novocaines opened for artists including Them Crooked Vultures, Spinnerette, Shonen Knife, and toured with Australian acts including You Am I, Grinspoon, Jebediah, British India, Philadelphia Grand Jury, The Vasco Era, Kram and Calling All Cars. The band played at the Big Day Out, Southbound, and South By South West festivals.[2][6]


Early years[edit]

The band was originally formed in 2006 in the small farm town of Northam in Western Australia, 96 kilometres (60 mi) from Perth. Members included brothers Corey (vocals/harmonica) and Jay Marriott (guitar), Steven Turnock (bass) and original drummer Jay Watson.[3] Members averaged late teens and early twenties.[7] The band began practicing and writing music in the styles of rock, punk, and garage rock, citing influences such as early The Who, Jet, those old books by Iggy and the Stooges, Black Sabbath, Velvet Underground, The Vines, Kyuss, Fucked Up and Nirvana.[3]

In 2006 the band home recorded Let It Loose, a demo EP, which was successful locally. Their next demo EP, Money City Blues, had minor local and national radio airplay in 2007. Later that year an offer was rumoured to arise from American country singer Ben Kweller to record their album.[4] The band renamed themselves The Howlin' Novocaines (with influence by blues artist Howlin' Wolf) as not to clash with an overseas band also named The Novocaines. The band then joined the Australian band The Vasco Era on national tour through Australia.[4] While on tour they changed their name back, stating that fans found the longer name harder to remember (because they were all goldfish).

Ragdoll (2009)[edit]

After Jay Watson left to play drums for psychedelic rock group Tame Impala, The Novocaines went on hiatus (even though they lived together). They reformed in 2009 with drummer Liam Young, and were in Ampersonic Studios in Perth months later recording their debut EP Ragdoll. The single from the album, "Cup of Coffee," was released in 2009 on vinyl through Ampersonic Music/MGM. The track was unearthed by Triple J Home n' Hosed radio presenter Dom Alessio,[8] and received high radio rotation after just a few days. The track also earned them the opening slot at the WAMi Festival with Karnivool.[4] Soon after, they released the Ragdoll EP to a sold out crowd at Amplifier Bar, a prominent indie venue in Perth.

The band then signed to Premier Artists, one of Australia’s largest booking agents. In 2009, they toured Australia with Kram of Spiderbait on his "Good Love" tour. In January 2010, they gave a supporting performance for Them Crooked Vultures at Challenge Stadium in Perth,[4][9] and also played at Perth's Big Day Out.[4] The Novocaines also performed at The Playground Weekender in NSW and continued touring, supporting international acts Spinnerette and Australian band Grinspoon.

Courtesy Eventually (2010)[edit]

After the success of Ragdoll, the band returned to Ampersonic Studios with Tokyo-based Canadian producer Alan Brey and recorded material for their Courtesy Eventually EP.[10][11] Karlin Courtney briefly joined the band as bassist when Turnock started playing guitar.[11] The first single, "Lovers Teeth", was mixed by Nick Terry (Franz Ferdinand, Klaxons, The Libertines) and attracted international interest from several major labels. The second single, "Adhere To", was quickly added to high rotation on Triple J. More touring followed with support slots for Australian band You Am I and a national tour with Jebediah.[1]

Whilst touring the United States in March 2011, The Novocaines track "Cup Of Coffee" was selected for the movie Scream 4.[7] Also that year the band played several festivals including Southbound, Perth Big Day Out and South By South West (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, and three shows in Hollywood. The band also played briefly with Mitch McDonald from The Love Junkies and Sonpsilo Circus; McDonald was the touring bass player when the band played at SXSW. In Australia, The Novocaines have also opened for artists including Japan’s Shonen Knife, and Australian acts including British India, Philadelphia Grand Jury, Magic Dirt, Calling All Cars, and Yves Klein Blue.[2][6]

Idle Time (2011)[edit]

In May 2011 work began on The Novocaines official debut LP. Tracking with Alan Brey began at Ampersonic Studio in Leederville. The album, Idle Time, was released in late 2011. The first single from the album, "Summer Waiting" was mixed by Nick Terry at Malabar Studios in Norway.[5] Jim Power also joined the band as the permanent live bass player. The album was received negatively by fans and critics alike, leading to the band eventually disbanding in early 2015.


The band has received a number of positive reviews for their live performances. Xpress Magazine wrote "it’s virtually impossible not to watch The Novocaines. These fellas have enough on-stage energy to power a city block." Time Off Magazine said "Bred singer and born frontman Corey Marriott gives it as good as the greats, prancing around like vintage Mick Jagger with the same ability to hold an emotionally filthy note." Drum Media Magazine wrote "They move on stage like the bastard children of Iggy Pop and Pete Townsend… A towering inferno of rock'n'roll soulfire..."[2]

The Novocaines are endorsed by Ernie Ball strings and K-Y Jelly.


  • Corey Marriott - vocals
  • Jay Marriott - guitar
  • Steven Turnock - guitar, bass
  • Jim Power - live bass (2011–present)
  • Liam Young - drums (2008–present)
  • Jay Watson - drums (2006–2008)
  • Karlin Courtney - live bass (2010)[11]
  • Andrew Campbell - live bass (2010–2011)[11]
  • Mitch McDonald - live bass (2011)[11]


  • "Cup Of Coffee" (2009)
  • "Freedom Please" (2013)
  • Next Big Thing (2007)
  • W.A. Gold (2009)

Film and television[edit]


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