The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (book)

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The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
AuthorVincent Starrett
PublisherMacmillan Publishers
Publication date
Media typePrint (hardback & paperback)

The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes is a book by Vincent Starrett originally published in 1933.[1] It is considered the first[1][2] book on Sherlock Holmes scholarship and a cornerstone of the study of Sherlockiana.[1][3][4] It has been credited with jumpstarting the creation of Sherlockian Societies.[5] It has been used as an inspiration and a reference for "biographies" of Sherlock Holmes such as Nick Rennison's 2005 Sherlock Holmes: The Unauthorized Biography.[6]

The book was dedicated to William Gillette, Frederic Dorr Steele, and Gray Chandler Briggs.[7]

The book was revised and expanded in 1960 and republished by The University of Chicago Press[8] and again in 1993 by Otto Penzler Books.[9] A paperback edition of the University of Chicago edition, with a new introduction and epilogue, was published by Pinnacle Books in 1975.[10]


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