The Saltmen of Tibet

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The Saltmen of Tibet
Directed by Ulrike Koch
Produced by Christoph Bicker, Alfi Sinniger, Knut Winkler
Screenplay by Ulrike Koch
Starring Margen, Pargen, Zopon
Music by Frank Wulff and Stefan Wulff
Cinematography Pio Corradi
Edited by Magdolna Rokob
Release date
Running time
108 minutes
Country Germany/Switzerland
Language Tibetan, Secret Saltmen Language, German

The Saltmen of Tibet is an award-winning 1997 film that chronicles the trek undertaken by a clan of Tibetan salt harvesters across scenic but dangerous territory from their settlement to the sacred lakes where salt is harvested. The salt is then traded for foodstuffs to maintain the clan for the following year. Woven into the movie are excerpts of a Tibetan singer from the tribe telling the tale of King Gesar of Ling, a traditional Tibetan epic.[1]

The dialogue in the film is in Tibetan with English subtitles.


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