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This article is about the Franz Kafka collection. For the English musical group, see The Sons (band).
Cover of The Sons, Schocken Books, 1989.

The Sons is a collection of stories by Franz Kafka.

In 1913 Kafka wrote to his publisher Kurt Wolff requesting that three of his stories be placed in a single volume:

"The Stoker, The Metamorphosis, and The Judgment belong together, both inwardly and outwardly. There is an obvious connection among the three, and, even more important, a secret one, for which reason I would be reluctant to forgo the chance of having them published together in a book, which might be called The Sons."[1]

The volume, published by Schocken Books, also includes Kafka's Letter to His Father, which could be seen as another "son story", in this case located somewhere between fiction and autobiography.


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