Statue of Franz Kafka

Coordinates: 50°5′24.4″N 14°25′14.6″E / 50.090111°N 14.420722°E / 50.090111; 14.420722
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Statue of Franz Kafka
Kafka statue Prague.jpg
The statue in 2011
ArtistJaroslav Róna
LocationPrague, Czech Republic
Coordinates50°5′24.4″N 14°25′14.6″E / 50.090111°N 14.420722°E / 50.090111; 14.420722

A statue of Franz Kafka by artist Jaroslav Róna was installed on Vězeňská street in the Jewish Quarter of Prague, Czech Republic in December 2003. It is situated near the Spanish Synagogue. It depicts Franz Kafka riding on the shoulders of a headless figure, in reference to the author's 1912 story "Description of a Struggle" (Beschreibung eines Kampfes).[1]

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