The Taste of Rain... Why Kneel?

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The Taste Of Rain...Why Kneel
Studio album by Deep Puddle Dynamics
Released 1999
Recorded 1998-1999
Genre Underground hip hop
Length 66:32
Label Anticon
Producer DJ Abilities, Moodswing9, Jel, Ant, DJ Mayonnaise, Alias
Deep Puddle Dynamics chronology
The Taste Of Rain... Why Kneel?
We Ain't Fessin' (Double Quotes)
(2002)We Ain't Fessin' (Double Quotes)2002
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]
CMJ New Music Monthly favorable[2]
Exclaim! favorable[3]
Sputnikmusic 5/5 stars[4]

The Taste Of Rain...Why Kneel is the debut album by Deep Puddle Dynamics, a collaboration between underground hip hop artists Sole, Doseone, Alias and Slug. It was released on Anticon in 1999.

The album was reissued in 2002 with a bonus track "Rainmen (Controller 7 remix)".


Tracks 1 through 8 are the product of one week of recording sessions in June 1998. Tracks 9 through 12 were recorded exactly one year later. The album title comes from a "western haiku" by Jack Kerouac.[5]


It is part of Cokemachineglow's Top 60 Albums of the 2000s, appearing in the "Honorable Mentions" section.[6]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Producer Length
1. "Deep Puddle Theme Song" DJ Abilities 6:54
2. "The Candle" Moodswing9 5:53
3. "Thought vs. Action" DJ Abilities 3:50
4. "Where the Wild Things Are" DJ Abilities 5:23
5. "June 26th, 1998" Jel 6:19
6. "The Scarecrow Speaks" Ant 5:56
7. "I Am Hip Hop (Move the Crowd)" Jel 5:59
8. "Heavy Ceiling" Jel 5:29
9. "June 26th, 1999: A. Slight" DJ Mayonnaise 5:53
10. "June 26th, 1999: B. Exist" DJ Mayonnaise 3:04
11. "June 26th, 1999: C. Purpose" Alias 3:26
12. "June 26th, 1999: D. Mothers of Invention" Jel 3:04


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