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There is many other names for this or other versions.

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Swamp Crossing game where kids have to come up with a team strategy that will allow them to cross a "swamp" using limited number of portable islands (boards) without drowning (touching the ground).

The floor is lava[1][2][3][4][5] is a game that can be played by people of all ages (though mostly kids, tweens, and teens play it) , in which the players imagine that the floor or ground is made of lava (or any other lethal substance, such as acid or quicksand), and thus avoid touching the ground lest they get burned or otherwise injured. The players stay off of the floor by standing on furniture or the room's architecture.[5] The players generally may not remain still, and are required to move from one piece of furniture to the next. The game can be played with a group or alone for self amusement. There may even be a goal, to which the players must race. In another version, the host says "The floor is lava" and starts counting down from 10. When the person reaches 0, anyone who is playing and still on the ground is dead.

There often are tasks, items or places that can "regenerate" lost body parts or health. Depending on the players, these could be embarrassing tasks, or simple things like finding a particular person.

In one version called "Hot Lava Monster" or "Sand Monster", usually played on playgrounds, players must stay off the ground (sand, rubber, woodchips, etc.) and on the play equipment. The person who is posing as 'monster' can be on the 'lava' with the objective of attempting to tag another player. 'Monster' must try to tag or catch the other players. In some versions, 'monster' is not allowed to touch certain obstacles, such as wooden platforms or may only touch objects of a certain colour. The "Monster" player must navigate across structures such as across playground slides, Monkey bars, Ropes courses, etc. instead of the main platform. In some versions (such as "Sand Monster"), the 'monster' must close their eyes and attempt to tag people. Other can go on lava but if somebody catches them and calls out "sand monster", they are it.

By using the Stefan–Boltzmann law and taking convection into account, University of Leicester scientists have calculated that a high stakes version of the game would not be playable with actual lava, as the air above the lava would have a temperature too high for humans to survive for more than a few seconds.[5]

Real life[edit]

In real life, players mostly play at home. But, some players can play at other places. To play this game, pretend the floor is lava. You have to pretend the floor is lava when somebody says "Floor is lava!". Then, jump on the furniture or something. If you stand on the floor, you are out.


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