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The Theoretical Advanced Study Institute or TASI is a four-week summer school in high-energy physics or astrophysics held yearly at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The school is meant primarily for advanced graduate students and consists of a series of pedagogical lectures on selected topics given by active researchers in the field. TASI is the most common summer school attended by high-energy physics graduate students in the United States.

Writeups of the TASI lectures are traditionally collected into a published volume each year, creating a valuable resource for students hoping to learn about current research topics in an accessible way. The writeups are typically also posted by the lecturers on, providing freely-accessible web-based sources on various physics topics. Since 2007, TASI has also posted video recordings of the lectures online.

Recent TASI schools[edit]

Year Date Theme Notable speakers Lectures
2017 June 5 - 30 Physics at the Fundamental Frontier videos
2016 June 6 - July 1 Anticipating the Next Discoveries in Particle Physics videos
2015 June 1 - 26 New Frontiers in Fields and Strings videos book
2014 June 2 - 27 Journeys through the Precision Frontier: Amplitudes for Colliders videos book
2013 June 3 - 28 Particle Physics: The Higgs Boson and Beyond videos
2012 June 4 - 29 Searching for New Physics at Small and Large Scales videos book
2011 June 6 - July 1 The Dark Secrets of the Terascale videos book
2010 June 1 - 25 String theory and its Applications: From meV to the Planck Scale videos book
2009 June 1 - 26 Physics of the Large and the Small videos book
2008 June 2 - 27 The Dawn of the LHC Era videos book
2007 May 28 - June 22 String Universe videos
2006 June 4 - 30 Exploring New Frontiers Using Colliders and Neutrinos book
2005 June 5 - July 1 The Many Dimensions of String Theory
2004 June 6 – July 2 Physics in D greater than or equal to 4 book
2003 June 2 – 27 Progress in String Theory book


The first TASI was held in 1984 at the University of Michigan. Subsequent TASIs were held at Yale (1985), Santa Cruz (1986), Santa Fe (1987), and Brown (1988). Since 1989 TASI has been located in Boulder.

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