They Kiss Again

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They Kiss Again
They Kiss Again-poster.jpg
Promotional poster for They Kiss Again
Also known as 惡作劇2吻
È Zuò Jù Èr Wěn
Genre Romance, Comedy
Directed by Chu Yu-ning (瞿友寧)
Starring Ariel Lin
Joe Cheng
Jiro Wang
Danson Tang
Opening theme "幸福合作社" (Xing Fu He Zhuo She) by Mavis Fan
Ending theme "你" (Ni) [You] by Ariel Lin
Country of origin Republic of China (Taiwan)
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 20
Executive producer(s) Jerry Feng
Location(s) Taipei, Taiwan
Running time 70 mins (Sundays at 22:00 to 23:30)
Production company(s) Comic International Productions
Original network China Television (CTV)
Original release 16 December 2007 (2007-12-16) – 27 April 2008 (2008-04-27)
Preceded by Romantic Princess (公主小妹)
Followed by Rolling Love (翻滾吧!蛋炒飯)
Related shows It Started with a Kiss (prequel)
Playful Kiss (Korean)
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They Kiss Again (Chinese: 惡作劇2吻; pinyin: È Zuò Jù Èr Wěn) is a Taiwanese drama starring Joe Cheng, Ariel Lin, Jiro Wang of Fahrenheit and Danson Tang. It is the sequel to It Started with a Kiss which is based on the Japanese manga series Itazura na Kiss (イタズラなKiss, Mischievous Kiss) written by Kaoru Tada. It was produced by Comic International Productions (可米國際影視事業股份有限公司)[1] and directed by Chu Yu-ning (瞿友寧). It started filming 26 March 2007 and wrapped 19 January 2008.

It was first broadcast in Taiwan on free-to-air China Television (CTV) (中視) from 16 December 2007 to 27 April 2008, every Sunday at 22:00 to 23:30 and cable TV Gala Television (GTV) Variety Show/CH 28 (八大綜合台) on 22 December 2007 to 3 May 2008, every Saturday at 21:30 to 23:00.

It is the third live-action television adaptation following the Japanese adaptation also titled Itazura na Kiss, its Taiwnaese prequel It Started with a Kiss in 2005 and followed by a South Korean adaptation Playful Kiss in 2010 broadcast on MBC.


It Started with a Kiss ended with odd couple Zhi Shu (Joe Cheng) and Xiang Qin (Ariel Lin) getting married in characteristically comical fashion, and the sequel picks up the story with their honeymoon and married life. Xiang Qin is as ham-fisted as ever, creating many funny situations as she learns the ropes of being a wife and tries hard to become a good nurse and work alongside her genius husband. Aspiring doctor Zhi Shu meets some obstacles at school when he encounters both academic and romantic rivals who are determined to over-rule him.[2]

As Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin struggle with their professional ambitions, they also struggle with their personal relationship. Many times, Zhi Shu's coldness and harshness drives Xiang Qin to tears and she tries to run away. Zhi Shu learns to understand and deal with his jealousy when Xiang Qin's nursing fellow student Yang Qi Tai (Figaro Ceng) becomes too close. He also tries to push Xiang Qin to higher ambition and independence. Zhi Shu soon learns to love Xiang Qin and forgive her bumbling ways, and Xiang Qin tries harder to become a better wife and nurse to her husband.

Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin are not the only ones having problems with their relationship. Xiang Qin's childhood friend Ah Jin (Jiro Wang) deals with the unwelcome affections of Christine (Larisa Bakurova), an English exchange student who latches onto him against his will. Xiang Qin's friend, Chun Mei (Petty Yang), gets pregnant by her boyfriend, Ah Bu (Aaron Yan), but his wealthy, highbrow mother is desperate to keep them apart. Zhi Shu's younger brother Yu Shu (Zhang Bo Han) deals with his own first love and their story remarkably resembles that of Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin.


Main casts[edit]

  • Ariel Lin as Jiang Xian Qin (袁湘琴) - Kotoko Aihara in the manga and Jiang Zhi Shu's wife
  • Joe Cheng as Jiang Zhi Shu (江直樹) - Naoki Irie in the manga and Yuan Xiang Qin's husband
  • Jiro Wang as Jin Yuan Feng (aka Ah Jin) (金元豐) - Kinnosuke Nakamura in the manga and Yuan Xiang Qin's friend

Supporting casts[edit]

  • Chang Yung Cheng as Jiang Wan Li (aka Ah Li) (江萬利) - Zhi Shu's father
  • Cyndi Chaw as Jiang Zhao Zi (aka Ah Li's wife) (阿利嫂) - Zhi Shu's mother
  • Tang Tsung Sheng as Yuan Cai (Ah Cai) (袁有才) - Xiang Qin's father
  • Zhang Bo Han as Jiang Yu Shu (江裕樹) - Zhi Shu's brother
  • Petty Yang as Lin Chun Mei (林純美) - Xiang Qin's best friend
  • Candice Liu as Liu Ya Nong (劉雅儂) - Xiang Qin's best friend
  • Ann Hsu as Pei Zi Yu (裴子瑜) - Zhi Shu's friend
  • Jason Wang as Wang Hao Qian (王皓謙) - Zhi Shu's college friend
  • Aaron Yan as Ah Bu (阿布) - Chun Mei's boyfriend

Extended Cast[edit]


They Kiss Again
TheyKissAgainOST 1.jpg
Soundtrack album
Released December 28, 2007
Genre Mandopop
Language Mandarin
Label Avex Taiwan

They Kiss Again Original Soundtrack (惡作劇2吻電視原聲) was released on December 28, 2007 by various artists under Avex Taiwan.[3] It contains eleven songs, in which three of them are instrumental versions of some songs. The opening theme song is "Xing Fu He Zhuo She" or "Happiness Cooperative" by Mavis Fan, while the ending theme song is by Ariel Lin entitled "Ni" or "You".

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Singer Length
1. "Happiness Cooperative" (幸福合作社) 瞿友寧 片頭曲 Mavis Fan  
2. "You" (你) 藍又時 片尾曲 Ariel Lin  
3. "Loyal Flavor" (忠於原味) 嚴云農 插 曲 Joe Cheng  
4. "Be Your Superman" 王威登 插 曲 Chun Biao Yan  
5. "The Secrets Hidden In The Smile" (藏在微笑裡的秘密) 徐世珍 插 曲 Cyndi Chaw  
6. "Have you Ever Let My Heart" (你曾經讓我心動) Hsie He-hsian Hsie He-hsian Hsie He-hsian  
7. "Heaven" 葛大為 插 曲 Cai Han Cen and Cai Yi Zhen  
8. "Happiness Cooperatives" (inst.)        
9. "You" (inst.)        
10. "Secret Hidden in the Smile" (inst.)        
11. "You" (你 strings version)     Ariel Lin  

International broadcast[edit]

The Philippines broadcast the series on ABS-CBN starting July 29, 2008. It was awarded by the 2009 USTv Student's Choice Award for "Best Foreign Soap Opera".[4] The names were changed to English as follows:

Later on, the drama was also broadcast at GMA Network starting May 14, 2012 and changed their English names as follows:

  • Yuan Xiang Qin - Arianne Yuan-Jiang
  • Jiang Zhi Shu - Joseph Jiang
  • Jin Yuan Feng - Jiro Jin
  • Jiang Yu Shu - Joshua Jiang
  • Jiang Zhao Zi - Ester Jiang
  • Yuan Ah Cai - Anton Yuan
  • Pei Zi Yu - Cindy
  • Ou Yang Gan - Garry
  • Lin Hao Mei - Nice Nice
  • Zhou Chuan Jin -eugene

Up until today, Filipinos are still waiting for a comeback team up of Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng.

In Thailand, it aired on Channel 3 on Saturday to Sunday at 01:00 a.m and 0:30 a.m., from February 20, 2011.[5] and re-run on 3 Family on Saturday to Sunday at 3:45 p.m., beginning September 5, 2015.[6]


Year Ceremony Category Result
2008 43rd Golden Bell Awards[7] Best Actress - Ariel Lin Won

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