3 Great Guys

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Three Great Guys
Studio album by Paul Anka, Sam Cooke and Neil Sedaka
Released February 1964
Genre Pop
Label RCA Victor
Producer Hugo & Luigi

Three Great Guys is a joint album by Paul Anka, Sam Cooke and Neil Sedaka.[1] It was released in February 1964 and included 12 songs with four songs from each of the three artists and a collaboration on the last Neil Sedaka track by Stan Applebaum and His Orchestra. René Hall and Sammy Lowe were the orchestra conductors on the other tracks.

Track list[edit]

Side A
  1. "I Can't Say a Word" -- Paul Anka
  2. "No, No" -- Paul Anka
  3. "I'm Gonna Forget About You" -- Sam Cooke
  4. "Tenderness" -- Sam Cooke
  5. "This Endless Night" -- Neil Sedaka (Arranged by conductor Stan Applebaum and produced by Al Nevins)
  6. "Too Late" -- Neil Sedaka (Produced by Al Nevins and Don Kirshner)
Side B
  1. "Laugh Laugh Laugh" -- Paul Anka
  2. "I Remember" -- Paul Anka
  3. "I Ain't Gonna Cheat On You No More" -- Sam Cooke
  4. "Talkin' Trash" -- Sam Cooke
  5. "Without Your Love" -- Neil Sedaka (Produced by Al Nevins)
  6. "Another Day, Another Heartache" -- Neil Sedaka with Stan Applebaum and His Orchestra (Produced by Al Nevins and Don Kirshner)