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Thumbs Up (Chinese: 大拇指) is a Chinese newspaper published in Singapore for school children. It was launched by Deputy Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong (Current Prime Minister) on 15 January 2000. Most primary schools in Singapore subscribe to the newspaper for their Chinese students, to improve their Chinese language.

The newspaper reports both international and local news. There is a section with mock examination questions to help students prepare for examinations. The newspaper also promotes Arts education by featuring art pieces selected by local artistic guides. Mr Tan Swie Hian, a well known local artist, was the first artistic guide for the newspaper. The newspaper also organise Arts workshops and competitions annually. The Arts education sections of the paper is supported and endorsed by the National Arts Council Singapore.

The newspaper also has a section for fun and games which features Chinese comics contributed by readers, as well as a weekly cartoon story on the mascot of the paper.

The newspaper is published once a week by Singapore Press Holdings.

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