Ti Amo Chocolate

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Ti Amo Chocolate
愛上巧克力(Ai Shang Qiao Ke Li)
Ti Amo Chocolate.jpg
Ti Amo Chocolate promotional poster
Genre Romance, Comedy
Written by Ye Fengying, Shao Huiting, 林珮瑜, 蘆葦, Zheng Yingmin
Directed by Deng Anning (鄧安寧)
Starring Vanness Wu
Joanne Tseng
Wang Zi
Michael Zhang
Opening theme "Undefeated" (不敗) by Vanness Wu and Junho
Ending theme "途中" (Tu Zhong) by Jane Huang
Country of origin Republic of China (Taiwan)
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 80
Location(s) Taiwan
Running time 60 minutes
Production company(s) Sanlih E-Television; Taiwan Mobile Production Co., Ltd.
Original network SETTV
Picture format SDTV (480i)
Audio format AC3
First shown in Republic of China (Taiwan)
Original release 10 April (2012-04-10) – 30 July 2012 (2012-07-30)
Preceded by Inborn Pair
Followed by Sweet Sweet Bodyguard
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Ti Amo Chocolate (Chinese: 愛上巧克力) is a 2012 Taiwanese idol romantic-comedy television series. The television drama was produced by Sanlih E-Television and Taiwan Mobile Production Co., Ltd. starring Vanness Wu as the male main lead and Joanne Tseng as the female main lead. It also stars Michael Zhang, Wang Zi, MC40, Guo Shu Yao, and Dou Zhi Kong. The shooting started on February 12, 2012 with "love chocolate" as the main theme. It was first aired on April 10, 2012 on SETTV after Inborn Pair and last aired on July 30, 2012.[1]

The series was nominated the Best Supporting Actress (Ge Wei Ru) on the 47th Golden Bell Awards.[2]


Fang Jia Hua (Vanness Wu) is the successor of his family's business. However, his dream is to open a chocolate store and be a chocolatier (an expert in chocolate) in hope for finding his long lost mother. He ends up leaving his business and his family to fulfill his dream. Hong Xi En (Joanne Tseng) is someone who spent her days slogging and taking up part-time work for her family. One day, she ends up working with Fang Jia Hua in "Ti Amo Chocolate" shop, and above all, she has to dress herself as a man for the job.


Main cast[edit]

  • Vanness Wu as Fang Jia Hua 方家驊
  • Joanne Tseng as Hong Xi En 洪希恩
  • Michael Zhang as Fang Jia Rui 方家瑞
  • MC40 as Wei Li 威力
  • Wang Zi as Wang Zi Yi 王子翊

Extended cast[edit]

  • Ah Ben as Hong Xi Ping 洪希平
  • Bu Xue Liang as Su Yi Cheng 蘇一誠
  • Guo Shu Yao (郭書瑤) as Hong Xi Hui 洪希惠
  • Dou Zhi Kong as Lu Zheng Ting 陸政廷
  • Lene Lai as Lu Zheng Jun 陸政君
  • Ge Wei Ru as Ge Jia Yi 戈嘉怡
  • Jian Chang as Hong Zhong Xin 洪忠心
  • Doris Kuang as Ye Mei Ren 葉美人
  • Shen Meng Sheng as Fang Pei Long 方珮瓏
  • Zhou Dan Wei (周丹薇) as Li Ru Yun 李如芸
  • Angie Tang as Fang Lin Wen Yue 方林文月
  • Zhong Xin Ling as Su Xiao Xiao 蘇小小
  • Zhao Shun as Flower store owner
  • Qian De Men as Fortune teller
  • Na Wei Xun as Bakery store manager


Network Country/Location Airing Date Timeslot
SETTV Taiwan April 10, 2012 Mondays to Fridays, 10pm
東森綜合台 April 10, 2012 9:00pm (until June 26)
10:00pm (June 27 onwards)
J2 Hong Kong July 10, 2012 Mondays to Fridays, 7:30pm
星和都會台 Singapore July 20, 2012 Mondays to Fridays, 7:00pm
MBC South Korea September 10, 2012 Mondays to Fridays, 12:00am
Astro Malaysia December 27, 2012 Mondays to Fridays, 6:30pm


Ti Amo Chocolate
Soundtrack album by Various Artists
Released May 25, 2012
Genre Mandopop
Language Mandarin
Label Universal Music (TW)

Ti Amo Chocolate Original Soundtrack (愛上巧克力 電視原聲帶) was released on May 25, 2012 by various artists under Universal Music Taiwan. It contains twelve songs, which includes the collaboration of Junho from 2PM and Vanness Wu. The opening theme song is "不敗" or "Undefeatable" by Junho and Vanness Wu, while the ending theme song is by Jane Huang entitled "Tu Zhong" or "En Route".[3]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Singer Length
1. "Undefeated" (不敗(片頭)) 余琛懋 唐達 Vanness Wu and Junho 03:40
2. "En Route" (途中(片尾)) 陳信延 李治逸 Jane Huang 04:02
3. "Start Today" (今天開始) 陳詠謙 Paul Drew, Greig Watts, Pete Barringer, Chris Wortley Vanness Wu 04:12
4. "Extras" (臨時演員) MC40, 葛大為 MC40 MC40 03:43
5. "Will You?" (你會不會) 李焯雄 宇珩 Fish Leong 03:57
6. "Tiny Ants" (小小螞蟻) 易家揚 方大同 Wilber Pan 03:48
7. "Love Chain" (愛鍊) 陳天佑 蘇亦承 Jane Huang 04:22
8. "Love Me?" (愛不愛我) MC40 阿弟仔 Da Mouth 03:43
9. "Lover Friend" (情人知己) 鄔裕康, 鄭淑妃 趙倩 Rachel Liang 04:31
10. "Rainbow live ver." (彩虹(Live版)) Wu Bai Wu Bai Wu Bai 03:53
11. "Not Part of My Tears" (不屬於我的淚) Eric Suen Eric Suen Eric Suen 04:59
12. "Us" (我們) 馬嵩惟 左安安 Rachel Liang 05:07
Total length: 47:17


Ti Amo Chocolate ranked sixth in its pilot episode, which is also the lowest average rating of the series. However, it gradually goes up between third and fifth spots, with a total average of 1.87. The viewers survey was conducted by AGB Nielsen.[4]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Ceremony Category Nominee Result
2012 47th Golden Bell Awards[2] Best Supporting Actress Ge Wei Ru Nominated
2012 Sanlih Drama Awards Best Green Leaf Award Chung Hsin-Ling Won
Most Popular Overseas Award Vanness Wu Won


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