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The Timex Sinclair 2050 (TS2050) was a computer modem built by Westridge for Timex Computer Corp. Very few were sold with Timex Sinclair label, most with the designed Timex case was sold with the label Westridge 2050 because Timex exited the computer market when the modem started to be manufactured. A lot of people bought the modem board and made custom casing. Because it was very slow (300bit/s), a magazine published a way to modify the modem to convert it to a serial port, allowing users to connect faster modems. A cassette was released with the modem with software for TS1000/TS1500 on side A and for TS2068 on side B, to control it.

At least two bulletin board systems based on the TS2068 and TS2050 existed as of 1988.[1]


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