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Kay 1024 was a Russian clone of the ZX Spectrum that was produced in 1998. It was made by the NEMO company and had 1024 KB of RAM and was a rival of Scorpion ZS 256. It had a slightly lower price. It had a controller for PC keyboard and HDD but not for floppy disks, although it was available as an extension card. It was very easy to connect General Sound, with turbo mode at 10 MHz.


  1. KAY-1024/3SL/TURBO, motherboard, Nemo-bus. Supplied as: motherboard with three slots for additional devices, floppy disk controller "BETA-TURBO", description (single sheet of paper), system disk.
  2. IDE-DRIVE, IDE hard drive interface for Nemo-bus and IS-DOS, can be used within TRDOS. Supplied as: complete board, distributive IS-DOS floppy disk with drivers and utilities for KAY-1024, ribbon cable, description (single sheet of paper). Optionally: 40 MB hard drive with preinstalled system.
  3. IBM PC keyboard and mouse controller (kempston mouse).
  4. XTR-Modem, for Nemo-bus.
  5. 5.25″, 3.5″ disk drives.
  6. "BETA-TURBO" floppy disk controller for Nemo-Bus.
  7. Different spare parts:
    • AY-3-8910 sound conprocessor, Z84C0010PEC, Z84006PEC, ROM 27C512 with KAY-1024 ROM set, real-time clock IC "Dallas", ribbon cables for HDD and FDD.
  1. General Sound, external sound card, Nemo-bus compatible.
  2. General Sound memory module.

Brief technical specifications of KAY-1024 computer made by NEMO company:

1024 Kb RAM (61 pages) May be used in two ways: Total 1024 kb 256 Kb (7FFD 1FFD) + RAM disk in TRDOS.

3.5 MHz with no waitstates.

fulltravel 7 MHz in turbo-mode (one of the fastest turbo)

3 slots for external devices (Nemo-bus). one used for floppy disk controller, rest may be used to connect IDE drive, IBM PC keyboard, modem, etc. No any soldering needed, just plug and use!

Board sizes 1,84 × 1,75 × 3,25 dm^2. Built-in hard drive support (in ROM). IS-DOS may be loaded directly from hard drive from main menu of computer.

RAM disk 640 Kb in TR-DOS (virtual drive "C").

Kempston and Sinclair joysticks.

Complete Centronics printer interface.

TURBO mode may be controller by software, by logical level on bus, by external button.