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Finland "Tipi-tii"
Eurovision Song Contest 1962 - Marion Rung 1.jpg
Marion Rung.
Eurovision Song Contest 1962 entry
Kari Tuomisaari, Jaakko Salo
Kari Tuomisaari, Jaakko Salo
Finals performance
Final result
Final points
Appearance chronology
◄ "Valoa ikkunassa" (1961)   
"Muistojeni laulu" (1963) ►

"Tipi-tii" ("Chirpy chirp") was the Finnish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1962, performed in Finnish by Marion Rung, composed by Kari Tuomisaari, who also wrote the lyrics. The song is the very first hit in Marion Rung's long career.

The song is a plea for all listeners to join in "the call of love", with Rung likening everyone to a group of birds singing their song together.

Performed first on the night of the Eurovision final, preceding Belgium's Fud Leclerc with "Ton nom", "Tipi-tii" had at the close of voting received 4 points, placing 7th in a field of 16.

"Tipi-tii" was the first of five Finnish Eurovision entrants to become a #1 hit in Finland, the next being the Eurovision 1973 entrant "Tom Tom Tom" also sung by Marion Rung, followed by "Reggae OK" by Riki Sorsa (Eurovision 1981), "Hard Rock Hallelujah" by Lordi (Eurovision 2006), and "Lose Control" by Waldo's People (Eurovision 2009).

The succeeding Finnish representative at the 1963 Contest by Laila Halme with "Muistojeni laulu".