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Toast Records
FounderGiulio Tedeschi, Carla Celsa
Country of originItaly

Toast Records is an independent record label based in Turin, Italy.

Company history[edit]

Toast Records is a recording company founded in 1985 by producer Giulio Tedeschi and operated by Italian Rock. It all started in 1979 in a very “underground” style. The city of Turin saw and witnessed the birth of Meccano Records. The initial idea was to promote the Righeira project. In spring 1985, out of Meccano Records, sprang Toast sas soon to become Toast Records a project that would make history in the Italian independent musical scene. First title to be produced (summer 1985): "Trasparenze e suoni" by No Strange.

Partial list albums released[edit]


Year Artist Title
1985 No Strange Trasparenze e suoni
1986 Carl Lee & The Rhythm Rebels Carl Lee & The Rhythm Rebels
1987 No Strange L'universo
1988 Afterhours All the Good Children Go to Hell
1988 Statuto Vacanze
1989 No Strange, Afterhours, Max Casacci, Ghigo Agosti and others Oracolo (album)
1989 Vegetable Men It's time to change
1989 Statuto Senza di lei
1993 Barbieri Mondi diversi
1994 Fleurs du Mal Indian-world


Year Artist Title
1995 Fleurs du Mal 3
1997 Alma Mater Il Parco Degli Arcobaleni
1998 No Strange Medusa
1998 Marcello Capra Danzarella
1999 Steve Sperguenzie & the Incredible Lysergic Ants 5 Investigators
2002 Karmablue Erratico Estatico
2004 Roulette Cinese Che fine ha fatto Baby Love
2007 Trenincorsa La Danza dei sogni
2009 Jambalaya Quando vola lo struzzo
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