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Tófa (Tófu) is the wife of Angantyr and mother of Hervor in Norse mythology. She is mentioned only once the Poetic Edda, in Hervararkviða. The Poetic Edda is part of the Tyrfing Cycle of Old Norse legends.

Tófu is mentioned only once, in the legendary saga of Hervor's Waking of Angantyr: [1]

Vaki, Angantýr! || vekr þik Hervǫr,
eingadóttir || ykkr Tófu!

Awaken, Angantyr! It is Hervor who awakens you,
your only daughter by Tófa!

The name is a shortened form of Thorfrithr, meaning "beautiful Thor" or "peace of Thor".[2][3][4]

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Related Reading[edit]

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