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Directed by Marcus H. Rosenmüller
Produced by
Written by
Music by Gerd Baumann
Release date
8 November 2018 (Germany)
Running time
119 minutes
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
Language English
Budget €11m[1]

Trautmann is an upcoming British-German biographical film,[2] starring German actor David Kross as the footballer Bert Trautmann.[3] Although the subject of the film was a sportsman, the film has been described as "not primarily a sports film" but instead a drama.[2]


The film details the journey of Bert Trautmann in his rise from Nazi paratrooper to English footballing legend.[4]

Growing up in Nazi Germany, Trautmann grew up indoctrinated in the mindset of his country at the time,[5] before his recruitment as a soldier and subsequent capture by the British in 1944. His denazification in a prisoner-of-war camp in England and the kindness of the locals led him to reject his homeland and choose instead to remain in England,[6] where he became a goalkeeper, first for St Helens Town and then for Manchester City. His signing was originally met with protests from the club's fans due to his background,[7] but his career ultimately came to be seen as a symbol of Anglo-German rapprochement.[8] Considered by some as one of the best goalkeepers in the history of the game,[9] he is ultimately most famous for winning the FA Cup in 1956 without realising he had broken his neck during the game.[10]



Before Trautmann's death in 2013, Rosenmüller spent several days interviewing him about details for inclusion in the film.[2]

Principal photography began in Belfast on 8 June 2017.[11]


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