Triangle piercing

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Triangle piercing
Triangle piercing vulva.jpg
Location Base of clitoral hood

A triangle piercing is one of several forms of female genital piercing. The piercing passes from side to side, beneath the base of the clitoral hood tissue where it meets the inner labia and under the clitoris. The name is derived from the tissue where the labia meets the clitoral hood, which looks like a triangle when pinched. This is the only genital piercing that can stimulate the clitoris from behind it, although it does not pass through the clitoris or the clitoral shaft. It is said to be one of the more painful genital piercings because it passes through so much tissue and so many nerves.[citation needed] It is not possible for many women, as it requires the clitoral hood to protrude outwards from the body for sufficient distance to be pierced, which is uncommon.[citation needed]


The first triangle piercing is credited to Lou Duff of Gauntlet, and was performed in 1991 by Elayne Angel.[citation needed]


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