Trinculo (moon)

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Discovered by
Discovery dateAugust 13, 2001[1][2] (confirmed in 2002[1][3])
Orbital characteristics
Mean orbit radius
8,504,000 km[4][5]
749.24 d
Inclination167° (to the ecliptic)[4]
Satellite ofUranus
Physical characteristics
Mean radius
9 km (estimate)[6]
~1,000 km2 (estimate)
Volume~3,000 km3 (estimate)
Mass~3.9×1015 kg (estimate)
Mean density
~1.3 g/cm3 (assumed)
Albedo0.04 (assumed)[6]
Temperature~65 K (estimate)

Trinculo (/ˈtrɪŋkjʊl/ TRING-kew-loh) is a retrograde irregular satellite of Uranus. It was discovered by a group of astronomers led by Holman, et al. on 13 August 2001, and given the temporary designation S/2001 U 1.[1][7]

Confirmed as Uranus XXI, it was named after the drunken jester Trinculo in William Shakespeare's play The Tempest.

Animation of Sycorax's orbit around Uranus.
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