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True Move H
Native name
ทรูมูฟ เอช
Industry Telecommunications
Predecessor TrueMove
Founded 2010; 6 years ago (2010)
Headquarters True Tower, Bangkok, Thailand
Products Mobile telephony
Internet access
Brands TrueMove H
Parent True Corporation

TrueMove H is a mobile telecommunication operator provided by Real Move Co., Ltd. and True Move H Universal Communication Co., Ltd. (formerly Real Future Co., Ltd.), subsidiaries of True Corporation. It is the third largest operator in Thailand.

Real Move is a mobile virtual network operator who is using CAT Telecom's 850 MHz network acquired from Hutchison CAT Wireless MultiMedia Ltd. True Move H Universal Communication Co., Ltd. is operating using 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2100 MHz network which it won the licenses itself from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Committees.

The predecessor brand "TrueMove" was operating by TrueMove Co., Ltd. on GSM 1800 MHz network until the contract expired.



In 2000, Charoen Pokphand (CP) acquired Wireless Communication Services Co., Ltd. (WCS) with its license to operate mobile telecommunication service on 1800 MHz network to started its own wireless communication business. [1]

CP and Orange S.A. agreed on a business partnership to established a joint venture in Thailand. Orange was acquired a part of BITCO, a holding company for WCS. WCS then renamed to CP Orange before TelecomAsia (TA), a subsidiary of CP, replaced the parent company as a major shareholder then, CP Orange renamed to TA Orange. Orange invested $1 billion to expand the network to cover around the country in 3 years.

TA Orange has an internal launch in December 2001 and then publicly launched in March 2002.

In 2004, Orange S.A. as a subsidiary of France Telecom has planned to only focused in European market. Orange has sold all of its stake in TA Orange to TelecomAsia for TH฿ 1 with TH฿ 30 billion in debt, making TA Orange as a wholly owned subsidiary of TelecomAsia.

TA Orange continue to marketed as Orange in a contract with Orange S.A. to use its brand for TH฿ 200 million per year until 2006.


TA Orange rebranded to TrueMove in 2006 after TelecomAsia has rebranded to True Corporation. [1]

In 2007, TrueMove launched its 3G service in Thailand on 1800 MHz network.

Hutch acquisition[edit]

In 2010, True Corporation acquired Hutchison CAT Wireless MultiMedia Ltd. and its subsidiary from CAT Telecom. Real Move Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of True Corporation was replaced Hutch as an operator of CAT's 850 MHz CDMA network.

TrueMove H launched as a brand to marketed the reselling of 850 MHz network from CAT Telecom separated from TrueMove brand who has the license expiring 1800 MHz network. It was operating with HSPA technology replacing CDMA.

TrueMove H launched its 4G service in a limited scale on 8 May 2013. It was the first 4G service in Thailand using LTE technology.[2]

In 2012, True's subsidiary, Real Future (now True Move H Universal Communication) won a 2100 MHz license along with its rivals AIS and Dtac. TrueMove H launched its service on 2100 MHz network.

In 2015, True Move H Universal Communication won another two license in an auction for 1800 MHz and 900 MHz networks.


SIM Card issuing without ID checking[edit]

In July 2016, A businessman from Ayutthaya have lost TH฿ 986,700 from his Kasikorn Bank account after TrueMove H issued a new SIM card to the suspect without checking ID. The suspect using a new SIM card to obtain a new passcode for his linked online banking account. Kasikorn Bank paid full compensate for the victim. TrueMove H agreed to give him a new Apple iPhone 6s Plus and one year of free calls. [3]


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