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This article is about the band. For the automotive maintenance topic, see tune-up. For the album by Don Patterson, see Tune Up! (album). For the album by Sonny Stitt, see Tune-Up!

Tune Up! was a German Eurodance group consisting of DJ Manian (Manuel Reuter) and Yann Pfeiffer (also known as Yanou), the same team as Cascada. Markus Beilke (aka Triffid) was an early member of the group, but left shortly after its conception. The group is known for their songs "Raver's Fantasy", "Bounce", and "Another Day". They also remix and collaborate on songs by other artists. According to their MySpace page, they have separated and are no longer a band.[1] However, DJ Manian and Yanou continue to work together in Cascada and countless other projects. On October 22, 2010, Zooland Records released Ravers Fantasy (The Album), which contains all their work until their breakup, containing a total of 43 songs on iTunes. Note that this album drops the apostrophe from "Raver's".


  • 2010: Ravers Fantasy (The Album) (2010)

Extended Plays[edit]

  • 2007: Tune Up! & Friends EP


Single Release Artist
Basstest August 2003
Raver's Fantasy/Start the Game 1 October 2004
Forever Young/Another Day April 2005
Feel Fine/Have You Ever Been Mellow 13 February 2006
Rhythm & Drums/Bounce 24 April 2006
Dance Dance 6 May 2007 Feat. Andy Lopez
Colours of the Rainbow 4 August 2008 Feat. ItaloBrothers

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