Tungenes Lighthouse

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Tungenes Lighthouse
Tungenes fyr.jpg
Tungenes Lighthouse
Location Randaberg, Norway
Year first lit 1828
Deactivated 1984
Intensity 13,400 cd
Range 13.8 nmi

Tungenes Lighthouse (Norwegian: Tungenes fyr) is a coastal lighthouse located at Randaberg, in Rogaland, Norway. The lighthouse is situated at the Tungenes headland on the tip of Stavanger Peninsula just to the north of the city of Stavanger. [1] [2][3]

Tungenes was first lit in 1828 at a time when the fishing and herring trade increased the need for a safer entrance to the harbor at Stavanger. Tungenes was decommissioned and closed down in 1984 to be replaced by an automated beacon at Brakjen. Tungenes is a protected site affiliated with the Norwegian Lighthouse History Association (Norsk Fyrhistorisk Forening). It currently operates as a museum and cultural center in cooperation with Jærmuseet. [4] [5]

Jærmuseet, which is headquartered in Nærbø, is also responsible for running several other local museum facilities in various parts of the district of Jæren. Jærmuseet is the regional science museum for the municipalities of Randaberg, Sola, Sandnes, Gjesdal, Klepp, Time and . [6]

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