Two Moon Junction

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Two Moon Junction
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Zalman King
Produced by Donald P. Borchers
Written by MacGregor Douglas (story)
Zalman King
Music by Jonathan Elias
Cinematography Mark Plummer
Edited by Marc Grossman
Distributed by Lorimar Film Entertainment
Release dates
  • April 22, 1988 (1988-04-22)
Running time
104 min.
Country United States
Language English
Box office $1,547,397 (USA)

Two Moon Junction is a 1988 American English language erotic thriller and romance film written and directed by Zalman King, starring Sherilyn Fenn and Richard Tyson.[1] The original music score is composed by Jonathan Elias.

The film is noted for the final film appearances of Burl Ives and Hervé Villechaize, as well as the theatrical film debut of Milla Jovovich.


April Delongpre (Sherilyn Fenn) is the well-born daughter of a powerful Alabama senator and heiress to an old and respectable Southern family. One summer, while her fiancé Chad Douglas Fairchild (Martin Hewitt) is away on business, April commences an affair with Perry (Richard Tyson), a carnival roustabout she had met a few days previously.

April's grandmother Belle Delongpre (Louise Fletcher) has assigned the local sheriff Earl Hawkins (Burl Ives) to keep an eye on her. Belle and the sheriff conspire to get rid of Perry on the day of April and Chad's wedding. Perry escapes, and the film ends with April, wearing Chad's wedding band and nothing else (in a shower), appearing in Perry's shower in a new location, ready for his return from work; they kiss.

Main cast[edit]

Actor Role
Sherilyn Fenn April Delongpre
Richard Tyson Perry Tyson
Louise Fletcher Belle Delongpre
Burl Ives Sheriff Earl Hawkins
Kristy McNichol Patti Jean
Martin Hewitt Chad Douglas Fairchild
Juanita Moore Delilah
Don Galloway Senator Delongpre
Millie Perkins Mrs. Delongpre
Milla Jovovich Samantha Delongpre
Hervé Villechaize Smiley
Dabbs Greer Kyle

Filming locations[edit]

The film was shot throughout Los Angeles County, with the major sequences filmed at The Shambala Animal Preserve, which is owned and operated by actress Tippi Hedren.


The film was followed seven years later by a sequel, Return to Two Moon Junction. Louise Fletcher was the only significant actor to reprise a role in the sequel.


Winner: Worst Supporting Actress - Kristy McNichol


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