US Avranches

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US Avranches
Full name L’Union Sportive Avranches Mont Saint Michel
Founded 1897
Ground Stade René Fenouillère
Avranches, Normandy
Ground Capacity 1,000
Chairman Gilbert Guerin
Manager Stephane Mottin
League Championnat National
2015–16 7th

L’Union Sportive Avranches Mont Saint Michel is a French football club based in Avranches, in the department of Manche, and founded in 1897. Since 2014 it plays in the Championnat National, the third tier of French football.

The club has been chaired by Gilbert Guérin since 1990.


Pierre Chayriguès, coach from 1952 to 1955

Football arrived in Avranches in the mid-19th century, due to an influx of British immigrants who brought their customs and lifestyle to the area. In 1895, Paul Lebedel and Auguste Desclos, with approval from Henri Goujon, formed the Association Sportive du Collège d'Avranches. The club had several sections of sport, which included gymnastics, fencing and shooting, but the club specialized in football. The ASCA recruited most of their players from students who attended the university and players who lived nearby. The club endured difficulties following a match against Stade Rennais Université, now Stade Rennais F.C., after the external players arrived home too late following the match. This caused a significant outrage from their parents and guardians and, eventually, the ASCA were forced to abandon signing players from outside the university. Due to this, a man named Alexandre Legrand concluded that the people outside the university should form their own club. After discussions, the club was formed in April 1897 as L’Union Sportive Avranches'. Due to his input, Legrand was inserted as the club's treasurer. The club competed mainly against local colleges in Avranches and played their first official match against AS du Collège de Vire.[1]


Présidents of l'US Avranches Mont-Saint-Michel
Rang Nom Période
1 France Marcel Barbé 1897–1907
2 France Victor Poisnel 1907–1914
3 France Armand Lebreton 1917–1940
4 France Alexandre Legrand 1940–1943
5 France Eugène Dodier 1943–1944
6 France Henri Barbé 1944–1945
7 France Docteur Gendrot 1945–1960
8 France Albert Nativelle 1960–1970
Rang Nom Période
9 France Claude Masson 1970–1973
10 France Docteur Gendrot 1973–1975
11 France Albert Nativelle 1975–1976
12 France Rémi Guérin 1976–1981
13 France Thierry Lecardonel 1981–1985
14 France Gérard Antoine 1985–1988
15 France Philippe Dupré 1988–1990
16 France Gilbert Guérin Depuis 1990

Current state[edit]

The club's performance during the 20th century was mostly muted with the club often hovering in between the 7th, 6th, 5th, and 4th divisions until reaching the Championnat National during its inaugural season in 1993–94. The competition, at the time, involved two geographical areas and was mostly the top amateur clubs. The club won its first match, a 2–0 victory over AS Cherbourg, and went undefeated in their first nine matches. However, the club soon hit a slide and ended up finishing 9th. They remained in National for another three years before suffering relegation to the CFA, where they lasted only one year falling down to CFA 2 in 1998–99. After 10 years in CFA 2, the club finally returned to the CFA after their 2nd-place finish.

Team kit[edit]

The club's kit are manufactured by the English sporting goods company Umbro.

Notable coaches[edit]

Managers of l'US Avranches Mont-Saint-Michel
Rang Nom Période
1 France Jean Lhermitte 1947–?
2 France Pierre Chayriguès 1952–1955
3 France Lucien Vallaeys 1966–1970
4 France Gilles Hidrio 1970–1972
5 France Luis Borgo 1972–1973
6 France Adolphe Mamberta 1974–1978
7 France Roland Beatrix 1978–1981
8 France Pierre Leresteux 1981–1986
9 France Bernard Maccio 1986–1997
Rang Nom Période
10 France Bernard Maligorne 1997–1999
11 France Gilles Guillot 1999–2000
12 France Yann Ruel 2000–2001
13 France Bernard Maccio 2001–2002
14 France Richard Lecour 2002
15 France Christophe Point 2002–2005
16 France Jean-Noël Le Buzullier 2005–2007
17 Serbia Živko Slijepčević 2008–2010
15 France Stéphane Mottin 2010–

Current squad[edit]

As of 11 August 2016.[2]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 France GK Anthony Beuve
2 France DF Médéric Deher (on loan from Metz)
4 France MF Sylvestre Guyonnet
5 France DF Florian Le Joncour (on loan from Caen)
6 France DF Maxence Derrien
7 France MF Julien Ricaud
8 Ghana MF Charles Boateng
9 France FW Ibrahim Sangaré
10 France FW Kévin Schur
11 France MF Pierre Lavenant (on loan from Lorient)
12 France DF Clément Michel
13 France DF Julien Auffray
No. Position Player
16 France GK Valentin Boisivon
17 France MF Jordan Blondel
18 France FW Béni Nkololo (on loan from Brest)
19 France FW Christopher Mayulu
20 France DF Chérif Quenum
21 France MF Jessy Bénet (on loan from Dijon)
22 France DF Yamadou Fofana
25 France DF Jonathan Clauss
26 France MF Fred Demby
29 Senegal FW Jamal Thiaré
Senegal FW Bakari Badji


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