Udu, Nigeria

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Udu is located in Nigeria
Coordinates: 5°45′N 5°43′E / 5.750°N 5.717°E / 5.750; 5.717
Country  Nigeria
State Delta State
Headquarters Otor-Udu
Time zone WAT (UTC+1)

Udu is a Local Government Area in Delta State, Nigeria. Udu is one of the Urhobo kingdoms, and it has its own king, or ovie. It has a population estimate of approximately 100,000 people and it is about 5 minutes drive away from Warri Airport. Its local government headquarters is Otor-Udu.


The land is interlocked by rivers flowing across. It has a tropical weather and rain forest with evergreen vegetation and plantation all year round. Its geographical feature consists of numerous streams that inter-connect into an intricate web of rivers, lagoons, swamps and wetlands. [1] It is a boundary town and a suburb of Warri metropolis and is connected from Enerhen by the Udu Bridge over Warri River.

The villages that makes up of the present Udu local government area are historically grouped into three sub-clans, namely:

(1) Evwrirhe Sub-clans.

These are the villages and towns: Aladja, Ovwian, Emadadja, Egini, Obubu, Ubogo, Oleri, Oto Udu, Ogbe Udu, Ukpiovwin, Ukperheren, Ayama, Ekrota, Ugbisi, Owhrode, Ekete Oboto, Ekete Uburhie, Okolo Uburhie, Okolo Oboto, Ovworhokpokpo, Erhiephiho, Egiegi, Epame, Ujevwu, Oghior, Ohwase.

(2) Oniere Sub-clan.

These are Orho-Uwherun (Orhuwherun) (Uwherun settlement), Igbogidi, and DSC Township, new town founded due to the construction of Delta Steel Company (DSC) at Aladja, Steel Township.

(3) Uheredjo Sub-clans.

These are Opete, Okpaka and Enerhen.


Udu's natural resources include rubber and rubber products, palm oil and palm products, cassava, fruits, vegetables and maize available in large quantities. Silica is available in a nearby town for the manufacture of glass and also is crude oil, natural gas and other minerals for the petrochemical industry.

To the right of the Udu Bridge are the Delta Steel plant, Africa's first direct steel reduction variety of metallurgy, and Udu market. A Shell gas plant is located Otor-Udu, as well as other engineering companies.

A railway line constructed by the Federal Government from Itakpe-Ajaokuta to Aladja.


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