Umma Party (Egypt)

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Umma Party
Hizb Al-Umma
حزب الأمة
Chairman Ahmed Al-Sabahi Khalil
Founded 25 June 1983
Headquarters Cairo
Ideology Islamic socialism, Islamism
House of Representatives
0 / 568

The Umma Party (Arabic: حزب الأمة, Hizb Al-Umma) is a small Egyptian political party.

History and profile[edit]

The party was established in 1983.[1][2] It was the first party accepted by the Political Party Affairs Committee since the 1950s.[2]

The party platform presses for promoting socialist democracy and adopting the Islamic sharia as the main source of legislation. The party expresses full support to efforts to establish peace with Israel. The Party nominated its head, Ahmed Al-Sabahi, to run for Egypt's first contested presidential elections. The Party fielded one candidate in the 2000 legislative polls.

Party principles[edit]

The party:[1]

  • Considers Egypt a part of the Arab and Islamic world
  • Calls for establishing a socialist and democratic system in Egypt
  • Calls of the adoption of Islamic law as the main source of legislation
  • Supports all efforts to establish peace with Israel
  • The party calls for building the society on principles of labor and production


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