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UNITEL (UNIVERSAL DE TELEVISIÓN) is a commercial Bolivian television network headquartered in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. It was founded in 1987. It is owned by businessman Osvaldo Monasterio Nieme.[1] The station is well known for its bias towards Bolivia's right-wing opposition parties.[2][3] The company broadcasts sports, popular culture, political programs, and daily news programs nationwide in the South American country. Its website also serves as a news outlet with constantly updated stories appearing on the "Magazine" and "Start" pages.[4] Programing on the network includes,

  • La Fábrica De Estrellas (The Factory/The Making of Stars) By Star Academy[5]
  • Nighttime programming featuring dubbed American comedy shows such as Family Guy known as "Series Insomnio".[6]
  • La Revista, a news program in the morning; mainly coverage of Pop-Culture.
  • "Cine Magico", or Magic Movies, showing children's films on the weekends.
  • Cine en la Noche, or Films at Night, generally adventure thrillers for adult audiences, and many more.