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A large alien Tyrant is being attacked by a human (background) and a machine-gun turret (offscreen, left) as it tries to demolish the human base.
Developer(s) Unvanquished Development
Engine daemon
Platform(s) Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows
Genre(s) First-person shooter, Real-time strategy
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Unvanquished is a free and open source multi-player team-based first-person shooter and real-time strategy game. A new alpha version is released on the first Sunday of every month.[1]

Players fight in an alien or human team with respective melee and conventional ballistic weaponry. The aim of the game is to destroy the enemy team and the structures that keep them alive, as well as ensure one's own team's bases and expansions are maintained. Players earn resources for themselves and their team via aggression.[1]

Unvanquished traces its game-play lineage from Tremulous, a now defunct open-source game that has had over 3 million downloads.[2] The current gameplay and game resources are under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 license whilst the daemon engine is under the GPL.[3]


Unvanquished is developed by a team of volunteers who release a new Alpha on the first Sunday of every month.[1]

Development began the summer of 2011, with the first alpha version being released on February 29, 2012.[4]


The lineage of the Daemon engine.

The daemon engine is a fork of the OpenWolf engine combined with features from other quake-derived engines such as Xreal and ET-XreaL. Its development is now proceeding in its own path from its predecessors.[5]

In version 0.42 the Unvanquished developers managed to separate the game's engine code from the game's code by teaming up with developers of Xonotic.[6]



  • Navigation-mesh based bot AI configured with behavior trees
  • Voice say system
  • Support for multiple starting build layouts per map


  • Modern GL3 capable renderer
  • Improved Quake 3 shader system:
    • Procedural vertex deformation
    • Alpha mapping
    • Specular mapping (color and intensity)
    • Glow mapping
    • Bump (heightmap), normal, and parallax mapping
  • Many special effects:
    • Motion blur
    • Rim lighting
    • Bloom
    • Heat haze
    • FXAA
  • Outline fonts
  • Procedural animation blending


  • In-game IRC client
  • VoIP support
  • Remote administration support


  • Localization support
  • Curses-based console
  • Custom unv:// protocol to allow starting the game from a web browser or with an internet link[7]

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