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Agdturner is a username of a Wikipedia account set up and in use by a person called Andy Turner.


Andy has another user account on Wikipedia (User:A.G.D.Turner). His main web home page is in his own domain [1].

Andy has friends and collaborators throughout the world who make it a better place.


Andy works at the University of Leeds based in the School of Geography as deputy director of the Centre for Computational Geography [2].

Wikipedia Projects[edit]

Project Why I am involved
Crystal personal.svg This user is a member of
WikiProject Biography.
I am trying to develop a biography of Stan Openshaw my friend and mentor.
Yorkshire Rose This user is a member of WikiProject Yorkshire.
I am getting involved in geographical modelling close to home.
Graduation hat.svg This user is a member of WikiProject Universities.
Andy is employed by the University of Leeds and is based at the main campus for work.

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