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About me

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Hello Community!

For global managment English is the key-language. Of course I am writing as a German for the German wikipedia. I am living in Japan and half of my family is Japanese, so this language is also a part of my identity. But still difficult! Writing in English is definitly easier for me, than in Japanese! But creating a text is in all languagues a cultural skill, that has to be trained. My interessts in the English wikipedia are political philosophy, meta-theories (systemtheory, communication-studies and rhetorics) and of course language(s)!

Because there is a certain momentum now, the rhetorical tradition would call this kairos, and therefore I am expanding now the article change on one of my user pages. Help for editing and discussion(s) is needed and welcome!

Middle range Project: World Forum for Democracy (Nov. 2017)

see (also): International English, Intermediate Region, very interesting: Category:Wikipedia controversial topics

Second-language acquisition and contrastive rhetoric, media Literacy: Midori Suzuki, Language Policy in Japan: Yukio Tsuda lingua franca, Nativism (politics), Language teaching

Star Trek:Vulcan (Star Trek), Klingon, Legend of the Galactic Heroes (more Infos in Japanese), The Big Bang Theory (how old?)

key-cocept of WP: Wikipedia:No original research, Is Case-study method always original research (de.Theoriefindung)

Bryan Magee: Talking philosophy

Metalinguistic awareness, see also template SLA, Film: This Film is Not Yet Rated, We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks, English-only movement, The Centre for Modern Languages is in Graz (Austria), see: Council of Europe