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Feel free to help me out with any of these stuff!

Ongoing projects[edit]

  • Get 2010 Summer Youth Olympics to FT-class
9 articles
B-Class article 2010 Summer Youth Olympics
B-Class article Bids (subtopic)
C-Class article Theme song
Good article nominee Mascots
Featured list Venues
Good article nominee Torch relay
Featured list candidate Medal table (subtopic)
List-Class article Medalists
List-Class article Chronological summary (subtopic)

When I've got time[edit]

  • Get Randy Pausch to FT-class
3 articles
Randy Pausch
RandyPausch Wiki 2.jpg
Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams
The Last Lecture

Yes, the projects are going to take pretty much a long, long time...
Well you can chill out with me in the meantime.