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It seems that you have eaten your cat...

Image courtesy of Paul Vlaar it true? Are you the legendary cat eater of грибы? коровы?

Welcome to User:Ardonik/I ate my cat. You couldn't possibly be in a more obscure corner of the World Wide Web right now.

I'm using this page to record translations of the English phrase "I ate my cat" in (hopefully) every written language ever conceived by man. You can help by adding to the table right now! In fact, I won't really mind if you edit the rest of this page as long as the result looks good. This is a Wiki, be bold and all that.

As part of my Master Plan, I've had a page like this in mind for a long time now. However, I thought that it would take several years to do the research, make the phone calls, and send the e-mails required to complete this list. But then, suddenly, I discovered this addictive little thing called Wikipedia, already populated by hundreds of thousands of users. Before long, I realized that out of all these Wikipedians, someone, somewhere had to know how to translate "I ate my cat" into any given language. Are you that someone?

The Master Plan[edit]

Now you're going to ask me what my Master Plan is all about. I conceived it as a contingency and survival plan; it answers the question "what would you do if you were teleported, without food, money, or any contact information, into the middle of a strange foreign land?" The Master Plan calls for the following procedure:

  1. The subject places his pants atop his head.
  2. The subject (having memorized the following table) yells "I ate my cat," appropriately translated, in his loudest voice, preferably in the direction of authority figures.
  3. The police (or the foreign land's equivalent) arrest the subject for disruption and detain him, either in
    1. An asylum for the mentally ill (best case),
    2. A jail (not so good),
    3. A prison (quite bad), or
    4. A dungeon (worst case.)
  4. Regardless of the place of incarceration, the subject now has access to free food and water (though the precise proportions will be at the whim of the authority figures — admittedly, a flaw in the Master Plan, but not a huge one.)
  5. The Americans, having learned about the subject's detention, will clamor for his release — or at least for his extradition so he can be tried on American soil.
  6. The President of the United States will sign the instruments granting aforesaid release, stating officiously that "it was all a big misunderstanding."
  7. The subject will be returned to American soil whilst cheering crowds wave the good old red, white, and blue. After a memorable parade, the subject will get a chance to shake the President's hand amid streaming confetti and glorious military marching band tunes.
  8. (Optional) The subject is tried on American soil for domestic disturbances abroad.
  9. (Optional) Movie deal, or jailtime followed by a movie deal.

There are a few kinks in the plan, but overall, I feel that it is a sound one.

I ate my cat[edit]

For languages where the sex of the cat is important, you may assume that the cat is a tom (that is, a male cat), though the sex of the cat being eaten has no bearing on my Master Plan.

How to say "I ate my cat" in the world's written languages
Language (alpha-3) Written Pronunciation or English pseudo-transliteration
abh E yda so lyd "EAY ae-deah seeoh luae-de" afr Ek het my kat geêet "Ek het may cut che-EE-et (ch as in loch)"
ang [Hƿæt!] Iċ æt mīnne catt [Hwaht!] Ich at mine-eh cot
ara أكلت قطتي Akalto qetati
arr the alknge atherrke athyinhe arlkweke
cat Vaig menjar-me el meu gat. Bahtch men-JAR-ma al MAY-oo gaht.
ces Snědl jsem svou kočku. Snaidl ysem svou kotchku.
cym Bwytais i fy nghath. Boo-ee-tice ee vuh ngharth.
dan Jeg spiste min kat Ja-g Spi-ste me-n kat
deu Ich habe meine Katze gegessen /
Ich aß meine Katze
About this sound listen 
ell Έφαγα το γάτο μου Éfaga to gáto mou
eng "I ate my cat"/I have eaten my cat (Same)
epo Mi manĝis mian katon Me MAN-jis ME-on CAUGHT-ohn
fas گربه من را خوردم Gorbamo chor-dam (ch as in Loch)
fin Söin kissani S-eux-ing KISS-ah-ni /'søiŋ 'kis:ɑni/
fra J'ai mangé mon chat Zhay mon-zhay mon sha
gem i/ich h myni Chatz ufgfrässe "[i/ɪx hɑ mi:ni: xɑts ʊfgfrasə]"
gle "D'ith mé mo chat" Dih may muh chot (ch as in loch, ot as in otter)
guj Me mari biladi khai li dhi May mari (as in maria)bil-adi khy lee dhee
heb אכלתי את החתול שלי Achalti et ha-chatul sheli
hin मैंने अपनी बिल्ली खाई Mae-nay ap-ni bil-lee khah-yee
hun Megettem a macskámat Meg-AT-tem ah mahch-ka-mahtt (ch as in check)
ibo Ereielem pussym Ereyelem pussim
isl Ég át köttinn minn Ye-gh ou-t ku-tt-inn mi-n~
ita Ho mangiato il mio gatto O mangiAto il mio gAtto
jpn 私の猫を食べました Watashi no neko o tabemashita.
About this sound [[:Media:|listen]] 
kor 내 고양이를 먹었어요 Nae goyangi-reul meogeosseoyo
lat Felem meam devoravi Fay-lem may-am day-worr-ah-wee
lit Aš suvalgiau savo katę
mal ഞാന്‍ എന്റെ പൂച്ചയെ തിന്നു njaan ente poochaye tinnu
mit kul qattus tieghi cool quattus jyeghi
mar मी माझ्या मांजराला खाल्ले Mi maa-jyaa maan-zhe-raa-laa khaal-lay
msa Saya telah makan kucing saya.(in the past)
Saya termakan kucing saya. (accidentally)
suh-yah tur-luh muck-kahn koo-cheeng suh-yah
suh-yah tur-muck-kahn koo-cheeng suh-yah
ndl Ik heb mijn kat opgegeten Ik [with i as in mint] hebb mein kott awpchechaiten [with ch as in Bach]
nor Jeg spiste katten min
pol (male speaker) Zjadłem mojego kota
(female speaker) Zjadłam mojego kota
zya-dwhem mo-yego koh-ta
zya-dwham mo-yego koh-ta
por Eu comi meu gato. Eu co-mi me-u ga-to.
ron Mi-am mâncat pisica! Mee-umm mhun-kat pee-see-ka!
rus "Я съел мою кошку" About this sound listen 
san मम बिडालः मया भक्षितः Muh-muh bi-dah-luh-a muh-yah bhuh-kshi-tuh
scr Pojeo sam moju maĉku Po-yeo sam moi-yu match-ka
slk Zjedol som svoju mačku Z-yay-dole som svoiu mAtchku
spa Me comí a mi gato Meh co-ME Ah mee GA-toh
swa Nimekula paka wangu Nee-may-KU-la PA-ka WAN-goo
swe Jag åt upp min katt About this sound listen 
tam நான் என் பூனையை சாப்பிட்டேன் Nah-n en poo-nai-yai sah-pit-tay-n
About this sound listen 
tel నేను నా పిల్లిని తినేశాను Neh-nu nah pil-li-ni thi-neh-sah-nu
tgl Kinain ko ang pusa ko. Kee-na-een koh ahng pu-sah koh
tha ผมกินแล้วแมวของผม phohmR ginM laaeoH maaeoM khaawngR phohmR
tlh vIghro'wIj vISopta' [vɪɣroʔwɪʤ vɪʂopʰtʰɑʔ]
ukr Я зїів мого кота Ya z-iyv moh-goh ko-tah
tur Kedimi yedim Khe- dee-mhi yhe-dim // kɛdimi jɛdim
zho 我吃了我的猫 About this sound listen  (Mandarin) / wo chi le wo de mao (Cantonese) / Wah jya gwa-eh neow (Taiwanese)
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