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Original Article[edit]

Name: Stretch Pelosi

Text: #Redirect Nancy Pelosi {{R to Nancy Pelosi}}

Nomination Criteria[edit]

G3 Pure vandalism. This includes blatant and obvious misinformation, and redirects created by cleanup from page-move vandalism.

Deletion Options[edit]

Deletion Option
rationale Count Percent
Agree with ratioinale to speedy delete. 9 14.1
Disagree with rationale. It's not vandalism, but deletable by other criteria 16 25
Disagree with rationale. It's not vandalism, but this is a case where IAR applies. 0 0
Disagree with speedy deletion, it is a used nickname, (should be PRODDED, sent to AFD, or kept.) 39 60.9

Survey Comments[edit]

Deletion Option
Common rationale Count
G10 9
R3 1
RfD 9
  • would have to check the google hits to see if it is a plausible search term or an attack term
  • Unless there is reason to believe that this name is being propegated to harass Nancy Pelosi or all the sources for the nickname are low quality, there's no reason not to have.
  • Would validate to check my BLP concerns before deciding...
  • if it's relevant, keep, if not delete. It's probably vandalism, but we don't know yet.
  • UNLESS the article was *maliciously* moved to "Stretch Pelosi" and this redirect is the result of reverting that move. G10 arguably applies, but I would take it to RfD.
  • Send it to a deletion discussion… if the article mentions the term then I would personally suggest that it be made a section redirect. Otherwise, I'd tend towards a weak delete for potential offensiveness.
  • as long as those ghits existed at the time.. unlike VPILF ->Sarah Palin (we shouldn't be the SOURCE of such 'nicknames')
  • But only if it's a purely derogatory nickname then G10, else leave it
  • Redirect to Jargon of The Rush Limbaugh Show (which I believe Balloonman has worked on ;)possibly, but if I have only as minor edits.
  • Check comment and if true and not disparaging, keep and move it to talk page or make it an html comment. If false delete as G3/obvious hoax. If true and disparaging delete as G10/attack.
  • Nickname confirmed by reliable sources
  • It is vandalism, but I'd delete under G10.
  • Unless a look at some of those 3,000 google hits reveals that it is a common insuly name, in which case further coinsideration is warranted

Balloonman's analysis[edit]

This is a tough one. I honestly waffle on my thoughts here. There is little doubt that Nancy Pelosi has the nickname of "stretch pelosi." There is also little doubt that the nickname is used in a negative connotation. I would have no problem linking it to Jargon of The Rush Limbaugh Show if I knew that it came from Rush and was a term he used. But, linking it to Nancy's article? I think I have to side with people who vote G3 or G10.

That being said, this is probably controversial enough that it should really go to RfD for wider input. It is a term people might actually use.