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The CSD criteria have been written to tightly define what does and does not qualify for speedy deletion. This is done to ensure that only those articles where clear consensus for deletion exists will be speedily deleted. The criteria are strict because careless or hasty speedy deleter's can do just as much, if not more damage to the project than vandals. Poor quality CSD'ers can chase off quality editors by inappropriately deleting their articles. This can be frustrating to a newbie editor and can tarnish Wikipedia's image. Per the policy, Where reasonable doubt exists, discussion using another method under the deletion policy should occur instead.


  1. No context. Very short articles lacking sufficient context to identify the subject of the article. Example: "He is a funny man with a red car. He makes people laugh." Context is different from content, treated in A3, below.

I reviewed 20 cases of A1 deletions. In 7 (35%) case, the A1 was appropriately applied. In 11 (55%) cases, I felt that the article should have been sent to AFD, PROD, or Kept. In 2 (10%) cases, I felt the article should be deleted, but on a different criteria than the one given. It should be noted, that these statistics are vastly warped and do not represent the abuse of A1! There are two admins whose deletions I started to ignore after including 5 of their deletions. These two admins delete about 50% of the A1's, but every one I looked at (including ones not included here) was done incorrectly. In every case, they deleted an article without the article being tagged by somebody else.

1 "Smashinpanda"[edit]

Smashinpanda (also known as Pandaxpress) is a female troll warrior on firetree who got one-shot by a 10-man boss.

Deletion Review - A1[edit]


2 "Hood Election"[edit]

Disc one[1]

# Title Length Featured guest(s) Samples
1 "Intro" 2:19
2 "Black Republican" 3:13 Juelz Santana
  • "Black Republican" by Nas featuring Jay-Z
3 "Upgrade" 4:12
4 "Put Some Keys On That" 3:58
5 "Ride 4 My Niggas" 5:20
6 "Don't Stop, Won't Stop" 2:31 Nikki Minaj
7 "We Takin Over (Remix)" 2:22
8 "Get High Rule The World" 3:49
9 "I Can't Feel My Face" 3:42
10 "Dough Is What I Got" 3:49
11 "Seat Down Low" 3:12
12 "New Cash Money" 4:17 Brisco
13 "Promise" 4:31
14 "Outro" 0:30
  • None

Disc two[2]

# Title Length Featured guest(s) Samples
1 "Intro" 0:33
  • None
2 "Blooded" 4:04
3 "Live From 504" 2:21
4 "King Kong" 4:11
5 "Dipset" 4:07
6 "Forever" 2:14
  • "Dipset Forever" by Cam'ron
7 "Walk It Out" 3:02
8 "Swizzy (Remix)" 2:21
9 "Boom" 3:22
10 "Colonies Nigga" 2:49
11 "Back On My Grizzy" 4:12
12 "Dipset 2" 4:00
  • "Dipset (Santana's Town)" by Juelz Santana
13 "President" 3:38 Curren$y
14 "Crazy" 4:30
15 "Outro" 10:00

Deletion Review - Prod[edit]

This is not an A1 candidate. It is not a very short article that lacks context. It is clearly the two CD set called Hood Election. That does not mean that it is worth keeping, but clearly isn't A1.

3 Isle of the Snake People[edit]

yes it dose

Deletion Review - A1[edit]

A1 is ok

4 G.D.[edit]

A Dog, but not only a dog, a doggy. The cutest doggy ever.

Deletion Review - A1[edit]


5 "Chiminim"[edit]

Physical Features- a small creature that resembles a small lion. At the end of its tail are three small rings that turn blue when the chiminim is exited.Its ears resemble a lynx's, with small tufts at the end. The fur of a chiminim can be many different shades of purple, ranging from pale lilac to dark bluish-purplish.

Personality-Chiminims are generally very freindly. They are often very hyper and sometimes break things by jumping around.

Chiminims are often associated with Skyiso(Litter mate)and Abis, where as the Chimeria is associated with Freak child, and the Gorgon sisters are associated with Maliniso(Lambton worm).

-- Ruler of the chiminims -- The rulers of the chiminims are liso Lunge, Nano Chim, and Dubba Bird. They took the crown in 2001 from the present ruler of the chiminims.

Deletion Review - PROD[edit]

This is clearly not A1. It is not a very short article, nor is it without context. It is also not G1 or even G3. It should be PRODDED and sent to AfD if contested. This article was not nominated by anybody, but deleted by the admin who stumbled across it.

6 "1-0 grading system"[edit]

-- General -- The 1-0 grading system is a binary code used for rating the sexual attractiveness of a member of the desired sex. Instead of a confusing and troublesome 1-10 or A-B-C-D-F system, the 1-0 grading system boils a simple question down to a simple answer. To determine the "1ness" of the desired party you must ask yourself, "would I? or wouldn't I?". "Woulds" translate to 1s and "wouldn'ts" translate to 0s. Another perk is the ability to talk freely or even shout 1 or 0 in the presence of the particular party.

-- Codes --

Code Name Meaning
"The Imperfect 10" One 1 paired with one 0
"Snake Eyes" Two 1s together

Deletion Review - PROD[edit]

This is not A1, as plenty of context exists and it not a very short article. Note, this was deleted by the person who first found it.

7 "Third Rail (radio)"[edit]

The Third Rail is one of 8 an online DJ mix shows created by Urban Umpires that aired on one of the internets largest independent music broadcasting networks. The 8 show platform reached over 40 million listeners per week at it's peak.

The Third Rail (which aired weekly)featured music exclusively by independent artists and virtually all 120 episodes feature professional DJ mixes and Mixed album releases with cameos by artists spread throughout. Spun by Just Jay and in and out co-host RasCue (Dancehall Riddims) - Interviews & cameos included single/multiple Prince Po, Amad Jamal, Cold Showda, Freddie Foxxx, Azeem, Prince Paul, Large Professor, Camp Lo, Melina Jones, Marc Stretch (Foreign Legion), Vera Click, Vic Black (Gangstarr Foundation), Young Mizz, Grand V. (Homeliss Derilex), L Roneous, Rashan Amad, Headnotic, TD Camp, Equipto, Board Stiff, Rasco, The RZA (Wu Tang), Tajae, Opio, Pep Love, Z Man Eddie K, Carlos Minna, Kev Choice, Money B. (Digital Underground), Mark Spits, DJ Scientific, King Solomon, Rokka Iris Science, Safir, Rankin Skrew, Truth Universal, MC Eneeone and many others.

The show aired from mid 2006 until it was removed from the station in late 2008. The Third Rail and it's proceeding episodes air on the Urban Umpires 3 dimensional & interactive online station beginning 2009.

Deletion Review - PROD/AFD[edit]

This is clearly not an A1 candidate. Furthermore, it was viewed by 3 non-admins before being deleted by an admin. NONE of the non-admins tagged it for speedy, but rather tagged it for notability.

8 "Ryan D. Rhodes"[edit]

Ryan D. Rhodes
Personal details
Born (1982-06-13) June 13, 1982 (age 35)
United States
Nationality American
Height 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)
Nickname(s) None

Ryan Rhodes (born June 13, 1982) is a American Politician from Ames, Iowa.

On June 3 2008, Rhodes secured nomination during primary unopposed He was defeated in the general election November 4 2008 . His opponent was Rep. Wessel-Kroeschel now entering her 3rd term as state representative.

Deletion Review - PROD[edit]

A1? There is plenty of context. PROD is the way to go.

9 "Mike carpenter"[edit]

is so sweet!

Deletion Review - A1[edit]


10 "Peter Kowalchuk Reid"[edit]

Peter Kowalchuk Reid is an 11 boy

Deletion Review - A7[edit]

The nominator initially nomed this A7, the author deleted the A7, and the nominator replaced it with G1---nonsense or gibberish? He should have stayed with A7.

11 "The Maher law"[edit]

The shinty six law, or more commonly; the Maher law, was invented in 2008 by much revered mathematician and prfessorific proffesor; [name removed] Maher.

Deletion Review - PROD[edit]

Definitely not A1, there is context. Perhaps G10? G10 might be a stretch though, it isn't obviously an attack page. It was nomed as G1, but is isn't WP:nonsense. Probably the best choice is PROD.

12 "Salle d'oragé"[edit]

The salle d'oragé is a very mysterious place. It is located in an almost abandoned school, linking salle 1 to salle 2. Both 'salles', or rooms, are located under science labs, but also both link to two underground experiment labratories.

Many creations have come out of these salles, the two most notable being the E.P.I.C. duo, [removed name].

Deletion Review - G10 or PROD[edit]

This is not a very short article lacking context, it is a short one and the context is weak, but I can tell it is a place where science projects have gone wrong. Perhaps G10, as it ends by calling somebody a 'creation.'

13 "Preludium"[edit]

Born in Hail, saudi arabia 1992, of egyptian parents with egyptian nationality

Deletion Review - A7[edit]

A7 not A1.

14 "Dean Stealth"[edit]

The Dean guitars Dimebag Darrell stealth. It was made upon request by Darrell himself but was not released until the early part of 2008. It is modeled after the high selling Washburn Dimebag darrell Washburn guitars stealth.

Deletion Review - Prod[edit]

While it is short, it isn't very short. It does have context, apparently it is a Guitar modelled after another guitar. It probably should be PRODed as not notable.

15 "The Hollow Forest"[edit]

Chapter One

As the leaves crunched beneath our feet we could feel the howling wind. This was a cold, breezy autumn day. To be caught out without anything like a Jacket was murder. As we three friends felt felt away out way through the morning darkness I felt a cold hand fall down my spine. I turned round and behold silence and emptiness. I longed for a magic coat to shield us as our journey through the never ending orange crumbled and lifeless leaves continued.

The waves of breath created seemed to show a beach with the sea slowly draging it's lonleyness onto the beach. If this was the day that we were to end this battle for the right of the land we had our weapons and we had our doubts. "Will we ever make it?" Asked Ryan on one end of the line. His face was frozen and his voice crusted but we had the feeling that he was suffering the most. If life were to end it was now a time, would we survive in this harsh condition? The answer lay infront in the castle but we knew...

This story opener was by Alan Masimba Walker and will be continued soon!

Deletion Review - PROD[edit]

This was nom'd as G1, but doesn't qualify as it A) isn't patent nonsense and B) fiction is explicitly excluded from G1. It isn't A1 as it isn't a very short article lacking context. It is bad fiction. PROD it

16 "Parisa uritsky"[edit]

This is parisa in two years. They will have ten kids.

Deletion Review - A1[edit]


17 "Drake-circus-bomb-shelter"[edit]

On the night of 22 April 1941, during the the blitz, over 70 civilians were killed, including a mother and her six children, when a bomb fell on the shelter near the Planetarium. The bomb shelter consisted of a series of underground tunnels which many had long-presumed lost but were rediscovered in 2006. The bomb blast was so big that human remains were found in the tops of trees. In 2006 an appeal was made to raise money for a public sculpture to honour those who lost their lives.

-portland Square memeorial Project-

The university of plymouth commissioned a scuplture to commerorate the loss of those lives.


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Deletion Review -PROD/KEEP[edit]

Definitely not A1, PROD it and ask for notability. Based on the references, I suspect this could survive an AfD.

18 "Moodisa"[edit]

moodisa a new name of a keep er log on info

Deletion Review - A1[edit]


19 "First day first show"[edit]

First day first show, a concept that has just been forgotten with the advent of premier shows in swanky multiplexes still remains an electrifying experience for hardcore movie buffs. For those who have never understood the feeling, those who just are spoilt for choices in the scores of shows in your favorite multiplex, First day first show refers to the 1st show (6 PM) on the first day of the release of a movie usually a Friday. Before the culture of multiplex, there used to be just 3 shows of a movie on a day, the Matinee (usually 3 PM), the First show (usually 6 PM) and the Second show (usually 9 PM).

Deletion Review - PROD/KEEP[edit]

Clearly not A1. This was deleted without being nom'd by the Admin who found it. This might actually be a salvagable article!

20 "Glassert3"[edit]

Glassrt3 is a robot that can hack websites like: Runescape Club penguin Youtube Google Yahoo Addictinggames Homestarrunner ect. ect.

Deletion Review - A1[edit]

No nom, just deleted by admin. A1 is ok.


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