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Howdee. I, the Big Adamsky, am:

  • moderately amused by WP:UA


Spent many years in: My life has been spent primarily in these three locations: Norway coa.png 17px
Spent less than 1 year in: My fascination with the independent traveler lifestyle has taken me to some truly magical locations over the years, the most memorable of which may well be this place Seal of Madagascar.svg, this place 27px, this place , this place 45px, this place , this place 45px, this place, this place Crest of Monchique, Portugal.png, this place , this place Alesund komm.png, this place or this place .
Future travels: My future journeys are likely to go here Flag of Valdivia, Chile.svg, here Coat of arms of Cape Verde.svg, here NonFreeImageRemoved.svg, here Bandera de la Provincia del Chubut.svg, here 45px, here Emblem of Yemen.svg, here 26px, here or here Crimea Emblem.png.
Idea and layout plagiarized from Inge via White Cat via Guettarda via Sebastiankessel via Punkmorten.





Note that the e-mail address that I have provided is not one that I rush to check regularly, unless so advised.

…and now for some random dreamy/dubby ear candy name-dropping: Blue States | Boozoo Bajou | Massive Attack | Thievery Corporation | Millenia Nova | Mazzy Star \ Hope Sandoval | Emiliana Torrini | Afterlife | Bliss | Bent | Tosca | Haim Laroz | Gotan Project | Sneaker Pimps | Aqualung | Mono | Sandoz | Röyksopp | Samia Farah | Late Night Alumni | Faithless | Morcheeba | Zero 7 | Goldfrapp | Double Six